Session Blood EP23

Last week we looked at strategies on how to deal with Dorinthea. We decided to continue on with that theme and this week’s episode focuses on how to deal with another classic boogeyman from WTR – Katsu the Ninja! The video of this podcast can be found on our YouTube channel if you want to check it out!

Katsu is another Hero that we’ve heard a lot of people in the community have struggled to deal with. The combination of low-cost go-again attacks, powerful combo lines, on-hit triggers and annoying attack reactions definitely make it a very difficult Hero to block correctly against.

We did our best to cover as much as possible about playing against Katsu in this episode. We look at the attack reactions Katsu plays and how to try play around them, how to avoid Mask of Momentum blowouts, playing around Snapdragon Scalers and Breaking Scales, the most widely played Combo lines and how to block against them, dealing with Plunder Run turns, and how to put pressure on Katsu’s weak spots. We also sprinkle in some general advice on small things you can to try and improve the matchup.

Session Blood can also be found on YouTube here.

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