Session Blood EP22

Join us for our first video podcast!

We start off the episode by announcing the winners from our special Thanksgiving Edition podcast! If you’re one of our lucky winners keep an eye on your email as we’ll be in touch to get your address details.

The focus of this week’s episode is methods and strategies you can use when playing against Dorinthea and her pesky Dawnblade. We’ve seen a lot of people in the community mention that they’re having trouble beating Warrior so we wanted to do our best to try even the playing field!

We discuss some common gameplay scenarios and give our take on cards you can include to help with the Warrior matchup, the best way to block when facing down cards like Warrior’s Valor and Spoils of War, playing around reprise triggers, blocking with Equipment and more!

We’re always happy to answer questions and take feedback, let us know in the comments what you think! If you enjoy our content feel free to use our affiliate code on ChannelFireball to help support us!


Session Blood can also be found on YouTube!

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