Session Blood EP19

In this week’s episode we are joined by a special guest Hayden Dale! Hayden won The Calling: Sydney and is a featured contributor for Flesh and Blood on ChannelFireball (go check out his articles!). He is also a noted Runeblade enthusiast and theory crafter.

We start by asking Hayden about his TCG background and how he got into FAB. We move to the focus of the episode with questions about whether Runeblade is an underrated class and why it hasn’t seemed to have been embraced by the competitive community so far.

The discussion then proceeds to the different builds that Runeblade players can utilize. We go through an individual deep-dive into the aggro and control builds. This includes game plans/strategy, equipment choices, discussions about specific cards (including things to avoid), and things to consider when constructing a Runeblade deck.

We finish things off by talking about the matchups against the top tier Heroes for each build, with Hayden giving his thoughts on particular metagames that each build is better suited for.

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