Matt Rogers Ninja Deck Tech | Luis Scott-Vargas

Matt Rogers Ninja Deck


Class: Ninja
Hero: Ira, Crimson Haze
Equipment: Breaking Scales ,Fyendal’s Spring Tunic ,Harmonized Kodachi ,Mask of Momentum ,Nullrune Boots ,Nullrune Gloves ,Nullrune Hood ,Nullrune Robe ,Snapdragon Scalers ,Zephyr Needle

2 x Command and Conquer (Red)
2 x Drone of Brutality (Red)
2 x Enlightened Strike (Red)
2 x Flic Flak (Red)
2 x Flying Kick (Red)
2 x Life for a Life (Red)
2 x Pounding Gale (Red)
1 x Razor Reflex (Red)
2 x Sigil of Solace (Red)
1 x Soulbead Strike (Red)
2 x Torrent of Tempo (Red)

2 x Crane Dance (Blue)
2 x Find Center (Blue)
2 x Flic Flak (Blue)
2 x Fluster Fist (Blue)
2 x Rising Knee Thrust (Blue)
2 x Rushing River (Blue)
2 x Soulbead Strike (Blue)
2 x Whelming Gustwave (Blue)
1 x Wounding Blow (Blue)

2 x Flic Flak (Yellow)
1 x Sigil of Solace (Yellow)


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