Karol’s Crazy Brewz – Levia Control

With new Bravos and Prisms becoming undeniably popular across the globe, there is one hero that can stand in their way, and chances are, it’s not the hero you might expect. That’s right – that hero is Levia. This cheeky build is made to trip up all the Bravo, Star of the Show lovers by employing one of the most defensive builds out there from our beloved Brute hero. Levia also has an amazing matchup into Prism with six-power+ attacks to pop Phantasms and Scabskin Leathers plus Mandible Claw to slash away at the auras. While the other matchups might not be as favorable, I will go over my reasons for why this build is the spiciest meta pick for the remainder of Pro Quests and your local Armouries. 


Class: Brute
Hero: Levia, Shadowborn Abomination
Weapons: Mandible Claw, Romping Club
Equipment: Arcanite Skullcap, Carrion Husk, Fyendal's Spring Tunic, Gambler's Gloves, Nullrune Gloves, Scabskin Leathers, Skull Crushers

(3) Barraging Beatdown (red)
(3) Boneyard Marauder (red)
(3) Command and Conquer (red)
(3) Dread Screamer (red)
(3) Graveling Growl (red)
(3) Pulping (red)
(3) Pummel (red)
(3) Sink Below (red)
(3) Swing Big (red)
(3) Unmovable (red)
(3) Unworldly Bellow (red)
(3) Wild Ride (red)
(3) Beast Within (yellow)
(3) Bloodrush Bellow (yellow)
(3) Graveling Growl (yellow)
(3) Smash Instinct (yellow)
(3) Wrecker Romp (yellow)
(3) Barraging Beatdown (blue)
(3) Dread Screamer (blue)
(1) Reckless Swing (blue)
(1) Soul Harvest (blue)
(3) Swing Fist, Think Later (blue)
(2) Unmovable (blue)
(3) Unworldly Bellow (blue)
(3) Wrecker Romp (blue)



Header - Unworldly Defense Potential

Carrion Husk (Rainbow Foil)Unmovable (Red) (Regular)Arcanite Skullcap (Regular)

Levia is one of the two heroes that has access to the biggest piece of armor in the game – Carrion Husk. The quality that makes Carrion Husk especially potent in the current metagame is the ease it stops huge dominated attacks, such as a fused Oaken Old coming in for 11 dominate (with the help of Star of the Show’s hero ability). Husk, combined with either an Arcanite Skullcap or Scabskin Leathers and a three-defense card from hand, fully blocks the scary attack. But this defensive build doesn’t stop there. By running three red Unmovables and three blue Unmovables, we can feel fairly safe throughout the game against Guardians, especially Bravo, Star of the Show. We also run three red Sink Belows for good measure. 

Skull Crushers (Regular)Scabskin Leathers (Rainbow Foil)Oaken Old (Regular)

Against Starvo, we want to use Skull Crushers purely for the extra defense. This card, combined with a defense for three, can nicely stop a pesky Winter’s Wail attack when we want to play out something of our own. Late game, we can try to use Scabskin Leathers to net an extra +1 power on an attack or two before it gets destroyed. While not much, the couple of extra points of damage Skull Crushers could provide can be the difference between life or death. The six Unmovables help us to stop those big dominated, disruptive hits. We should prioritize using our big defense reactions only on the attacks that threaten an on-hit and try to use our Carrion Husk as the final line of defense. Once our opponent has played out all three Oaken Olds, we can start pressuring their life total with ease.


Header - Chipping Away

One of the biggest weaknesses of the element card-heavy Bravo lists is the limited defensive capabilities. Levia can do wonders with one or two-card hands to maximize the pressure on decks that do not want to defend. Cards like red Barraging Beatdown along with a Romping Club attack, Command and Conquer and Swing Big give us consistent damage, pressure and disruption to chip away at our opponents’ life totals whenever we get the chance. Coming in with just a Romping Club attack is fine, as long as we continue to protect our own life total on the defense. 

Bloodrush Bellow (Regular)Dread Screamer (Red) (Regular)Beast Within (Regular)

If we want to be extra smart, we can focus on using those useful yellow pitch cards to power up our attacks. Saving cards like Bloodrush Bellow, Beast Within and Dread Screamer for later on allows us to switch to an aggressive game plan once our opponent is low enough and running out of steam. Then, when they are around 15 life, we can use the cards we’ve pitched to change from a defensive game plan to offensive game plan and push damage through to close out the game. And if we use our defense reactions throughout the game, chances are we’ll be drawing pure gas.


Header - Dealing with Auras

Mandible Claw (Regular)Gambler's Gloves (Regular)Wild Ride (Red) (Regular)

Prism, on the other hand, is hard to deal with for a set of different reasons. Powerful Herald attacks and auras create overwhelming game states, but do not be afraid, because Levia has the tools to deal with both threats. Our big attacks are excellent at popping Phantasm attacks, while Mandible Claw and Scabskin Leathers help us control Prism’s auras. By bringing in Fyendal’s Spring Tunic and Gambler’s Gloves, Wild Rides and Pummels, we can deploy a much more aggressive game plan. While we still want to control the game by popping Phantasms and destroying ayras when we can, pressuring Prism’s life total is quite crucial, as we don’t want to give them too much of a window to set up a big board with auras. In this matchup, we can take out the red defense reactions – Sink Belows and red Unmovables – as we lean on our big attack action cards as the main defence line. 

Merciful Retribution (Regular)Genesis (Regular)Haze Bending (Blue) (Regular)

Scabskin Leathers is a fickle but powerful legendary. Mastering the roll can mean a difference between winning and losing. It is crucial to roll only on turns, where the high roll produces huge returns, while a low roll isn’t all that bad. Here’s a great example: the opposing Prism took a chunk of damage to play out two Auras – one as an instant and one as an action. They left us with a powerful five-card hand. We have a Wild Ride in Arsenal and some six-power resource cards in hand. I would recommend playing out our Wild Ride, see if our opponent defends it and then roll Scabskins if we have resources to kill two auras with the Claws. If we roll a one, at least we already attacked and pressured them and we can Arsenal and regroup, but also we do have a 50 percent chance of clearing two auras as well. 


Header - Other Matchups and Cards

The deck is quite versatile when it comes to switching between the control plan and aggro plan. Most of the time, I would recommend playing the all-in aggro and saving the control mainly for Guardians. If you like the control route, adding cards like red Fate Foreseen and Springboard Somersault is a great way to neutralize powerful attacks. On the other hand, cards like Pulping, yellow Pummels and Bare Fangs can enable raw aggression. I personally like to keep the list somewhere in the middle, as it keeps it flexible and keeps the surprise factor against some opponents, even if they have played you before.

This list is a blast to play, especially because it does not rely on Blood Debt cards to the extent of some other Levia builds. We only really want to start banishing cards once our opponent is below that 15 life mark, making it less risky to die to our own Blood Debt. The huge card pool gives us so many options to tech the list out for our local metagame. With strong offensive and defensive options, we can always keep our opponents on their toes and put the fear in them. The best thing about it is, chances are, our opponents have little to no practice versus what Levia can do. This is definitely a wild card pick for the Pro Quest season, but the surprise factor might be enough for you to take your opponents by surprise.

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