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With Everfest upon us and the constantly evolving metagame, I bring you a deck that will shock and awe your opponents – behold, the Fatigue Shot Lexi deck. While we don’t necessarily want to fatigue our opponents, the deck is based on the high power ceiling of a new arrow introduced in EverfestFatigue Shot. This arrow is one of the best defensive tools Ranger has seen in a while, which I will elaborate on further. Other than the nine Fatigue Shots in the deck, the core game plan of this Lexi list is to create powerful six-card hands with a massive damage ceiling using cards like Three of a Kind, Rain Razors and Art of War. These cards, combined with low cost arrows, allow us to create potent, high-impact turns, shooting up to three or four arrows for upwards of eight to nine damage each. While the deck does not focus too much on Ice or Lightning fusion, we do run some Lightning fuse cards for consistency and damage and a tight red Ice Quake package for extra disruption. 


Class: Ranger
Hero: Lexi, Livewire
Weapons: Voltaire, Strike Twice
Equipment: Bull's Eye Bracers, Fyendal's Spring Tunic, Heart of Ice, New Horizon, Nullrune Boots, Perch Grapplers

(3) Battering Bolt (red)
(3) Bolt'n Shot (red)
(3) Dazzling Crescendo (red)
(3) Endless Arrow (red)
(3) Fatigue Shot (red)
(3) Ice Quake (red)
(3) Lightning Press (red)
(3) Lightning Surge (red)
(3) Pathing Helix (red)
(1) Pulse of Volthaven (red)
(3) Searing Shot (red)
(3) Snap Shot (red)
(3) Three of a Kind (red)
(3) Art of War (yellow)
(3) Bolt'n Shot (yellow)
(3) Fatigue Shot (yellow)
(3) Light it Up (yellow)
(3) Rain Razors (yellow)
(3) Sleep Dart (yellow)
(3) Electrify (blue)
(3) Fatigue Shot (blue)
(3) Heaven's Claws (blue)
(3) Lightning Surge (blue)
(3) Sleep Dart (blue)
(3) Snap Shot (blue)

See the full deck at: https://fabdb.net/decks/BnKrkgVZ/



Header - Fatigue Shot

Fatigue Shot (Red) (Regular)Crippling Crush (Regular)Herald of Protection (Yellow) (Regular)

The power of Fatigue Shot lies in the most commonly used attacks in the metagame. Decks like Bravo, Star of the Show and Prism rely on big swings with cards like Crippling Crush, Oaken Old and Heralds like yellow Herald of Protection or red Wartune Herald. Fatigue Shot can save us between three to five damage on those big swings, making it a great defensive tool that actually progresses our game state on the offense.

The card also deals nicely with the most common culprits against Ranger. Cards like Command and Conquer and Herald of Erudition start attacking for only three, making them an easy block with a single card. While the power ceiling is really high for Fatigue Shot, the floor is quite advantageous as well. Even an attack action card coming in for four is reduced to two, saving us those two points of damage and attacks that come in for three or less are just not that common. This arrow is perfect to use at the end of the combat chain. 

Command and Conquer (Regular)Herald of Erudition (Regular)Snatch (Red) (Regular)

We want to attack with our low cost arrows first, threatening mostly only damage and luring our opponent into taking the damage. Then, after one or two arrows worth of not defending, we drop the Fatigue Shot to really make them second guess their turn. Even the blue pitch version can be threatening at the end of a chain. With a +1 power from Voltaire, this gives it a really annoying breakpoint that hopefully sees a double block or a block and use of equipment – a great outcome for a blue pitch card.


Header - Setting Up the Big Turn

Three of a Kind (Regular)Art of War (Regular)Rain Razors (Regular)

As great as Fatigue Shot is at throwing curve balls at our opponent, we need a solid game plan to push their life total from 40 to zero. This is where the power cards come in. Three of a Kind combined with a Rain Razors or Art of War can help us dish out huge amounts of damage on a single turn.

Do note, we cannot play any cards from hand once Three of a Kind is played. Rain Razors and Art of War need to be played beforehand, unless they are in the Arsenal. We have Voltaire as a great source of loading up the arrows and giving them go again, but this isn’t all. 

Voltaire, Strike Twice (Regular)Bolt'n' Shot (Red) (Regular)Snap Shot (Blue) (Regular)

Our arrows like Bolt’n Shot, Pathing Helix and Snap Shot allow us to continue to load in more arrows, even after both activations from Voltaire are used up. Endless Arrow is a MVP in many of these turns, as the high damage output more often than not allows us the arrow to hit, meaning we can load it up and shoot it over and over. 

Lightning Surge (Red) (Regular)Dazzling Crescendo (Red) (Regular)Endless Arrow (Regular)

But how do we go about creating these huge turns? The best way is to set one of those key pieces mentioned above into arsenal – Art of War, Three of a Kind and Rain Razors – while using the other Arsenal slot for another utility card. Cards like Lightning Surge, Dazzling Crescendo and Bolt’n Shot are great, because they are easy to play out on the big, six-card hand turn. If we can give them go again – great, that three attacks with the use of Voltaire, if not, we can end the combat chain with these. Bull’s Eye Bracers are also a great safety valve if we cannot find a way to load an arrow again. Popping Bull’s Eye Bracers works amazingly well with Bolt’n Shot, because it will always gain go again and the attack itself threatens another reload. 


Header - A Sprinkle of Disruption

Sleep Dart (Blue) (Regular)

My second favorite arrow for the current metagame is Sleep Dart. This arrow is extremely powerful against heroes like Bravo, Star of the Show, Viserai and Chane, who all heavily rely on their hero power to create an advantage in the game. Just like the blue Fatigue Shot I mentioned earlier, the yellow and blue pitch Sleep Darts form a great chain end attack with Voltaire, which demands awkward blocks from your opponent, unless they are willing to give up a lot of value from losing their hero ability. The deck does prefer to run out zero-cost arrows because of the Voltaire cost, but keeping these in pitch yellow and blue gives us a nice hedge for the turns we need to pressure, but draw lots of resource cards. The red Sleep Dart would be a consideration for a metagame that sees a lot of Bravo, Star of the Show, Viserai and Chane, as it can really stifle their big turns. 

Ice Quake (Red) (Regular)

One of the sideboard cards is a red Ice Quake. Same as above, the addition of the Frostbite creation can really trip up certain decks. Decks like Zero-Cost Briar, Bravo, Star of the Show and Chane can really struggle to play out their turns with even one or two Frostbites. The great thing about Ice Quake is that we do not have to rely on Elemental Arrows to deal the damage – any attack that follows an Ice Quake receives the Frostbite creation clause, which is really powerful. The card also acts as a nice disruption against heavy defense reaction decks, such as Prism, which relies heavily on its defense reactions to stop attacks. Using Lexi’s hero ability to give the opponent a Frostbite by flipping an Ice Quake can stifle their Sink Belows, Oldhim hero ability and Unmovables


Header - Conclusion

Who said Lexi needs to fuse to be effective? This no nonsense take on Lexi is bound to give you plenty of joy in your local Armories and even Pro Quests. Fatigue Shot shines in the current metagame and is effective against so many of the top performing decks. It is the perfect disruption to help you set up the high damage turns. With a bit of practice, you’ll be setting up huge six-card turns in no time. While the Ice Lexi variant might be good against new Bravo and Runeblades and the pure Lightning can fight off Prisms, this list serves as a great introductory build to what Lexi can do against the wider field, with a slight touch of ice and lightning. No fuse? No worries!

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