Karol’s Crazy Brewz – Blitz Frightmare Prism

With the release of Uprising, Illusionist as a class has gotten some interesting new cards to play around with. One of my favorite cards to build around is Frightmare. Frightmare is the biggest attack in the Illusionist class to date and it’s also one of the biggest attacks in the game, second only to Pulverize. While on the surface it seems like a hard card to pull off, I will go into depth on how you can utilize Frightmare in Blitz with Prism to channel the horrors onto your opponents. 



Class: Illusionist
Hero: Prism
Weapons: Luminaris
Equipment: Crown of Providence, Crown of Reflection, Deep Blue, Dream Weavers, Ironhide Gauntlet, Ironhide Legs, Ironhide Plate, Nullrune Gloves, Phantasmal Footsteps, Silent Stilettos

(2) Coalescence Mirage (red)
(2) Enlightened Strike (red)
(2) Frightmare (red)
(2) Herald of Protection (red)
(2) Wartune Herald (red)
(2) Coalescence Mirage (yellow)
(2) Herald of Erudition (yellow)
(2) Herald of Protection (yellow)
(2) Merciful Retribution (yellow)
(2) Ode to Wrath (yellow)
(2) Pummel (yellow)
(2) Soul Shield (yellow)
(2) Wartune Herald (yellow)
(2) Haze Bending (blue)
(2) Herald of Protection (blue)
(2) Passing Mirage (blue)
(2) Pierce Reality (blue)
(2) Rouse the Ancients (blue)
(2) Shimmers of Silver (blue)
(2) Wartune Herald (blue)

See the full deck at: https://fabdb.net/decks/ABDdXlka/


Header - Synergies with Frightmare

Some cards work naturally well with Frightmare. The first one that comes to mind is Rouse the Ancients. This card is singlehandedly enabled by Frightmare and can be a great way to push through some significant damage. It also showcases the powerful attack, making your opponent think twice before deciding to pop one of your Phantasm attacks. The rest of the deck has a high count of big Illusionist attacks, making Rouse the Ancients quite easy to enable regardless and provides consistent damage against decks with lots of six-power attacks.

Rouse the Ancients (Regular)Dream Weavers (Regular)Energy Potion (Regular)

Dream Weavers is a staple play for when we do actually play out our Frightmare. I recommend saving this equipment against decks with lots of poppers because chances are one of your Phantasm attacks will get popped at some point. The Energy Potion is there to make Frightmare easier to play out. Most of the time, because you can only play it when another attack gets destroyed by Phantasm, you will need to activate Phantasmal Footsteps to gain your action point back, making the real cost of Frightmare 4 in practice. 


Header - The Threat of Frightmare

This is my favorite part of the card. It’s not that Frightmare itself is an overly powerful card, rather the threat of having it available is what makes it so scary.

Let’s say you attack your opponent with a red Wartune Herald. You pitch a yellow and come in for seven. You have two cards in hand and a card in your Arsenal. If they have a popper, you could easily use Phantasmal Footsteps and play out a Frightmare backed with the shielding properties of Dream Weavers. That’s 13 damage out of nowhere!

This is where Frightmare really shines – instilling fear in your opponents! Now, you might just be holding another Herald, but is it worth the risk for your opponent? The threat of Frightmare just gets more apparent the lower life your opponent is at. In many spots, it’s actually the safer play to defend up the Herald with non-poppers and wait until you do not have enough resources to threaten a Frightmare, as they simply do not know if it’s lurking in your hand or not. 


Header - Mitigating the Downfalls

There are some obvious costs to having Frightmare in your deck, the main one being a lack of defense value. You cannot defend with the card and it’s frankly not the best pitch card, especially in Prism. Also, some decks we might face in Blitz don’t even run any six-power attack action cards, making Frightmare redundant. However, the good thing is we have access to plenty of tools to mitigate this. 

Phantasmal Footsteps (Rainbow Foil)Crown of Providence (Rainbow Foil)Deep Blue (Regular)Enlightened Strike (Regular)

Crown of Providence gives us a single-use way to get the card out of our hand or Arsenal if it just doesn’t suit our game plan at the time. Similarly, Deep Blue allows us to tuck away a Frightmare when we have a resource-hungry turn. Enlightened Strike is an overall flexible card that gives us a multitude of options each time we draw it. It makes for a great Arsenal card, especially with cards like Frightmare in the deck, because it supports good two, three and even four-card hands. It also helps to push damage against decks with lots of six-power poppers for our heralds. Phantasmal Footsteps is a great way to showcase your horrific attack. Simply pitch a Frightmare to Phantasmal Footsteps early game to show your opponent of the horrors that await them if they dare to pop one of your Phantasm attacks. While one might be going to the bottom of your deck, another one is lurking in the shadows. 


Header - Matchup Strategies

Frightmare accounts for only two cards in your deck, so it’s important to understand how you can adjust your strategy based on who you are playing against. 

Wartune Herald (Red) (Regular)Herald of Erudition (Regular)Fractal Replication (Regular)

Decks without many poppers like Kano, Fai and Kassai are vulnerable to strong, phantasmal attacks. Cards like Wartune Herald, Herald of Erudition and Fractal Replication shine because of how impactful they are for their low cost. Frightmare itself shines against decks that might run some poppers, but not too many that affect your every turn. Decks like Briar and Dash are great examples of decks that you can threaten Frightmare against the most, while pressuring with heralds.

Shimmers of Silver (Regular)Merciful Retribution (Regular)

Our Spectra package is designed as a resource base for most matchups, but is a useful hedge against decks that run lots of six-power poppers, such as Guardians and Brutes. In these matchups, we want to prioritize playing out as many auras and establishing a board presence, while using our Dream WeaversFrightmare package to swing tempo on one of the turns. If we have two auras in play, throw out a Herald that instantly gets popped and we turn it into a Frightmare, it will most often force our opponents to defend up most of that damage and give us a full card hand to swing back in and leverage our auras. 

Prism shines in Classic Constructed, but with the right build, it can accomplish strong results in Blitz as well. Is this the optimized Prism build for Blitz? Probably not, but it’s too much fun to instill fear into our opponents with Frightmare! There is something satisfying about making your opponent question every single time they’re about to destroy one of your Phantasm attacks. Better yet is when they choose not to do it because of Frighmare’s presence. I hope you enjoy this build and get to seriously frighten some of your opponents!

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