Flesh and Blood Comes to ChannelFireball

ChannelFireball is excited to announce we are now official content partners and will be supporting and carrying the new classic trading card game Flesh and Blood! The game is a highly skillful TCG produced by Legend Story Studios which has thoroughly impressed us. The game features formats for players who enjoy constructed, sealed deck, booster draft, and multi-player games. Every avenue of fun and competitive outlet that can be expected from a world leading TCG. Depending on the format you choose, a game can take anything from 10 minutes up to an hour.

Flesh and Blood is designed to challenge the established rules of TCGs like never before, with a patented unique game design that rewards skill over luck. The game introduces a completely new resource system to the TCG industry which ensures that 100% of FAB games are interactive. It means less time is spent shuffling your deck, and more time is spent playing the game. From the first turn you can make your most powerful plays, but gradually wear down over the course of a battle. Every turn of every game, plays can be made to progress the game state.

You play as a hero, with many classic fantasy classes to choose from, that inhabit the world of Rathe. Each match starts with your hero in play and your weapons and equipment on the board. Your hero determines which cards you’re able to play in your deck and how much life you begin with. Each action you take should work toward the ultimate goal of defeating your opponent.

Flesh and Blood is also a beautiful looking game. The art is stunning, and reflects the mature positioning that the studio has sought to achieve with the game. The level of craftsmanship is also clearly on display; from the brand new cold foil technique the game introduced through to the care and attention paid to the card borders, Flesh and Blood is a TCG for connoisseurs. The studio has publicly committed to ensuring the collectability of the game, this has been reflected in the vibrant secondary card market which has boomed since the game’s release in October last year. 

In upcoming weeks you can follow along as LSV and other ChannelFireball regulars level up their skills and improve your own games with insights from creators who have been playing the game from its start. We will be featuring articles and videos from already prominent players and content creators, exploring the competitive and creative aspects of FAB, that include:

  • World’s top ranked player Matt Rogers
  • Three times Top 8 The Calling $10k professional event player, Jasin Long
  • The Calling $10k Sydney Top 8 Competitor KP Michael
  • The Calling $10k Champion Hayden Dale
  • Top Strategy Commentator Karol Ruszkiewicz
  • DMArmada news and opinions
  • Session Blood’s Strategy Podcast
  • DeadSummer Art lore breakdowns

We will be expanding our coverage of FAB to feature all of the content you expect at ChannelFireball:

  • Sealed archetype breakdowns
  • Constructed metagame analysis
  • Strategic Theory videos
  • Gameplay
  • Budget Decks
  • Spoiler season previews and reviews

Pick up your at home release kit (featuring 2 starter playmats, 2 Ira, Crimson Haze Welcome Decks, and a booster box of Welcome to Rathe unlimited) here at channelfireball.com for $119.99 to get started playing today.

If you’re looking for some quick start instruction to start playing, check out the official How to Play video and LSV’s Ira starter deck walk through, highlighting key concepts that new players need to know.


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