Flesh and Blood on a Budget – Fusion Briar

Briar has been infamous for its efficient zero-cost cards. The hero saw an exceptionally strong performance since its release in 2021, which led to the hero card getting an errata. While the errata and bans have significantly trimmed the presence of the deck in current Classic Constructed metagame, it still has a lot of powerful tools to make it a top contender on the highest level of play. Best thing about these cards is that they are very affordable. In this deck tech, I will outline the power of fusion-focused Briar build that can deal with the current metagame to take out an Armory and even land you a Top 8 spot in a high tier event. 



Fusion Friday by Karol Ruszkiewicz

Class: Runeblade
Hero: Briar, Warden of Thorns
Weapons: Rosetta Thorn
Equipment: Bloodsheath Skeleta, Crown of Dichotomy, Plume of Evergrowth, Snapdragon Scalers, Vexing Quillhand

(3) Arcanic Shockwave (red)
(3) Blossoming Spellblade (red)
(3) Channel Mount Heroic (red)
(3) Entwine Earth (red)
(3) Entwine Lightning (red)
(3) Explosive Growth (red)
(3) Lightning Press (red)
(3) Lightning Surge (red)
(3) Summerwood Shelter (red)
(3) Unmovable (red)
(3) Vela Flash (red)
(3) Weave Earth (red)
(3) Weave Lightning (red)
(3) Fulminate (yellow)
(1) Pulse of Candlehold (yellow)
(2) Amulet of Earth (blue)
(3) Autumn's Touch (blue)
(3) Blink (blue)
(3) Earthlore Surge (blue)
(3) Electrify (blue)
(3) Flash (blue)
(3) Force of Nature (blue)
(3) Heaven's Claws (blue)
(3) Sow Tomorrow (blue)
(3) Tome of Harvests (blue)
(1) Tome of the Arknight (blue)
(1) Gorganian Tome (undefined)

See the full deck at: https://fabdb.net/decks/EVkDVPRr/


Header - The Power of Dual Fusing

While many Elemental heroes like to stick to one element, I think that Briar is a perfect example of a hero that showcases the synergy of pairing up two elements together. Earth allows us to power up our attacks with cards like Channel Mount Heroic, Weave Earth and Explosive Growth, while Lightning helps up to continue the onslaught, chaining one attack into another with cards like Vela Flash, Weave Lightning and Lightning Surge. However, the biggest reason for running both is access to strong Majestics like Blossoming Spellblade and Fulminate. While these haven’t seen much competitive play, they are really impactful when built around correctly. 

Blossoming Spellblade (Regular)Fulminate (Regular)Vela Flash (Red) (Regular)Explosive Growth (Red) (Regular)


Header - Utilizing Equipment

Our equipment choices are a core component of our game plan. Combination of Vexing Quillhand and Bloodsheath Skeleta gives us an on-demand cost reduction of some of our strongest cards – Blossoming Spellblade and Fulminate. This two-card combo unleashes a world of possibilities, having both reduced to zero cost makes it even easier to pull off huge combos, while shooting off some Runechants as well. Cards like Channel Mount Heroic and Tome of Harvest can also be great candidates for the cost reduction. Plume of Evergrowth provides lots of utility, being able to turn a blue pitch into a Channel Mount Heroic, Summerwood Shelter or even Pulse of Candlehold to fuse cards like Blossoming Spellblade and Fulminate. This card is pivotal to enable consistency while trying to balance both elements together. With the high amount of blues the deck runs, we should be able to activate the ability with ease. 

Bloodsheath Skeleta (Regular)Vexing Quillhand (Regular)Plume of Evergrowth (Regular)


Header - Countless Synergies

Most of our cards are either Earth, Lightning or Elemental. This gives us inherent synergies in the deck. Cards like Weave Earth and Weave Lightning pair nicely with all our elemental attacks, and since we’re consistently fusing, we can benefit from their added effects quite often. 

Force of Nature + Fulminate or Channel Mount Heroic

Force of Nature (Regular)Fulminate (Regular)Channel Mount Heroic (Regular)

Force of Nature and the two mass pump cards give all of our attacks draw a card on-hit effect. This can help us snowball out of control if we can keep playing out the attacks and make them hit.

Vela Flash + Non-Attack Actions Cards

Vela Flash (Red) (Regular)

Vela Flash synergizes with a lot of our non-attack action cards, but especially well with cards like Force of Nature if Vela Flash has been pumped, Channel Mount Heroic and even Tome of the Arknight. The cool thing about this card is, even if Vela Flash has go again, we can gain another action point by playing a non-attack action card with go again, leaving us with two action points. Even without fusing, the five-attack for one cost and three defense are really solid values for an attack. 

Blossoming Spellblade + Non-Attack Actions Cards

Blossoming Spellblade (Regular)

One of my favorite plays with the deck is to use Plume of Evergrowth to get back the Pulse of Candlehold, use it to fuse the Blossoming Spellblade, then play out the Pulse to get back two powerful cards on top, followed by Tome of the Arknight to draw the same cards. With the abundance of zero-cost non-attack action cards, we have plenty of great targets for Blossoming Spelllade’s ability. A Weave Earth or Weave Lightning are perfect targets for continuing the chain. 

Explosive Growth + Lightning Press

Explosive Growth (Red) (Regular)Lightning Press (Red) (Regular)

Lightning Press in general does a great job of pushing through damage for on-hit attacks. Just the damage alone can often make a huge difference, but combine it with cards like Explosive Growth, and you have yourself the start of an explosive turn. Explosive Growth works on all attacks, including our weapon.


Header - High Ceiling

Looking at the deck list closely, we can see that each card gives us a reasonable value, whether it’s fused or not. Cards like Entwine Lightning, Lightning Surge, Weave Earth and Vela Flash are reasonably strong on their own. Even Blossoming Spellblade is a decent attack on its own.

However, enabling their extra abilities gives us a very high ceiling of what these cards can do. Weave Earth into a fused Vela Flash starts to add up the benefits of fusion, but even without the fuse, it is still a reasonable attack. This is the key to keeping this deck consistent. It also is the reason why having both fusions works. Having a naturally strong baseline helps us wait towards those explosive turns, by still keeping on par with our opponents, even if we’re not fusing. Then, once the big fusion turn lines up, we can explode with damage.

Entwine Lightning (Red) (Regular)Lightning Surge (Red) (Regular)Weave Earth (Red) (Regular)

The Arsenal is a key component to enabling those big, explosive turns. Waiting a turn or two with a Vela Flash, Blossoming Spellblade and Fulminate in Arsenal can be okay, as the benefit of fully realizing those cards is huge. Also, the damage output for this deck is simply much bigger with a fifth card in Arsenal than without, so always try to have a card stashed there. Some other good contenders are Channel Mount Heroic, Lightning Surge and Sow Tomorrow. Tome of Harvests can help us get another go at a turn if our Arsenal does not align with our hand. Sometimes, going for a redraw with the Tome can get us out of some mismatched draws.

Vela Flash (Red) (Regular)Sow Tomorrow (Blue) (Regular)Tome of Harvests (Regular)


Header - Sideboard Plan

The sideboard guide is quite open and heavily influenced by the local metagame. Cards like Blink and Entwine Earth help in the Illusionist matchup. Cards like Unmovable and Summerwood Shelter can help us against Guardians. There is a lot of room to adjust this list against other decks, such as keeping in all blues against Ice or going wider or taller, depending on who were facing. I recommend trying different strategies into specific matchups and seeing how it changes your results. Does going full aggro or race into Chane work? How about going more control? Having both Lightning and Earth can dedicate how you skew the deck against the field.

Blink (Regular)Entwine Earth (Red) (Regular)Unmovable (Red) (Regular)Summerwood Shelter (Red) (Regular)

This list is a deep immersion into the possibilities that Briar has to offer, all at a very reasonable price point. As you develop a better understanding of the deck and how it functions, the main upgrade I recommend is Spellbound Creepers. The card really opens up the possibilities to some powerful plays, such as cheating in an Action Point with a zero-cost non-attack action card, helping your Blossoming Spellblade hit with an instant speed Channel Mount Heroic or Fulminate. Then, as you understand the fusing, the ratios and play patterns, I would suggest playing around with more generic options. The deck is a ton of fun to play and the versatility of it keeps it really fresh, as there are so many different plays from the different hand combinations. Remember to make the most of Briars talents – fusing!

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  1. very interresting deck, i was looking for how to play fulminate and bloossoming and i like the way you build !
    But, what to do now as skeleta is suspended ????

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