Flesh and Blood Exclusive Everfest Preview – Pulverize

Yesterday we hit a Bingo, and today we move away from tricky luck-based attacks to just hitting the opponent as hard as you can. Let’s take a look at Pulverize, the biggest attack we’ve ever seen!



There’s a lot to unpack here, starting with the cost. 10 is a ton, and makes this unplayable under normal circumstances (a four-card hand with three blue cards to pitch still generates nine resources), but that’s of course not the whole story. Pulverize has heave, which goes a long way towards making this actually a card you can play.

Heave is kind of like super-Arsenal – you pay three to put Pulverize in your Arsenal, but in exchange, you get three Seismic Surge tokens, which line up perfectly to help you play Pulverize. Plus, you also get a fresh hand of four cards, making it easy to play Pulverize if you don’t mind waiting a turn. Three tokens plus four cards should get to 10 almost every time, especially in a typical Guardian deck, so we’ve got playing the card settled. Let’s see why we should go through these lengths just to get the card off the ground.

14 damage. Okay, that’s a pretty good reason. Pulverize deals an absolutely massive amount of damage, and it being all in one chunk makes it hard to block. As I’ve written about many times, taking a turn off then having extra attacks on the next turn is a lot more effective than a middling attack each turn, and Pulverize takes this to the next level. Plus, it also makes their first attack deal -4 on the next turn, which gives you some extra blocking action as well.

Overall, Pulverize fits perfectly into the Guardian game plan, and getting to see numbers like this on a card is awesome. Good luck Pulverizing, and make sure to take your time to line up the shot.

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