Flesh and Blood 2021 Community Overview

I want to start off by wishing everyone an amazing and fruitful new year. The journey the community has been on in 2020 was something else, regardless of when you have decided to jump on board. In the world of Flesh and Blood, I’ve seen tremendous growth of the game throughout the world. I love statistics and in this piece, I’ll be taking a closer look at some of the biggest Flesh and Blood community hubs over time. Hopefully this overview gives you some idea of the growth of the communities and their best uses.


The FABTCG Subreddit

This is a great community to start off with, because there’s clear access to data to quantify it. In the graph below, you can see the increase in members over time. Created in October 2019, this page has 2,701 members at the time of writing. 


First of all, it’s amazing to see the exponential growth of people interested in the game. Secondly, when looking closer, you can see clear surges in memberships in times when Flesh and Blood announced teaming up with established entities in the TCG world. Partnerships with organizations like Channel Fireball have introduced the game to new audiences and helped establish the game as a legitimate TCG with a long term future.


Personally, I use the FABTCG subreddit as a great source of new content and for seeing people’s opinions of different aspects of the game. The anonymous nature of the platform incentivizes people to post their true opinions, which are always interesting. Also, the platform includes people who don’t use Facebook, which is great to hear from countries where Facebook is not as prevalent.


Facebook Fan Page

Second on the list is the Flesh and Blood Fan Page. This is the biggest community hub with roughly 2,801 members at the time of writing. The Fan Page is a great source for the latest news and discussions on all things Flesh and Blood related. The admins have recently encouraged all investment-related discussions to be moved to a separate page, so there’s a good, constant flow of game-focused content. 

The Facebook Fan Page is my first place to check out what’s new in Flesh and Blood. From tournament updates to fan-made content, the place beams with excitement.


Flesh and Blood Discord Channel

While the other community hubs are great at offering a wide range of content in one place, The Discord channel has a clearly compartmentalized structure. You have threads dedicated to rules, finance, lore and even each classes’ strategy. This makes it substantially easier to find information and join discussions on a particular subject. Also, as many other Discord channels, it is a great way of having a chat through a headset and finding a game with complete strangers on Tabletop Simulator. 

The Discord community started in March 2020 and is currently sitting on 2,228 members with 733 online at this time. I personally the channel for different class strategies as well as the #wallstreet thread, where you can find lots of interesting information regarding the investment side of Flesh and Blood.


Session Blood

It’s hard not to include the YouTube channel, co-hosted by yours truly, when talking about Flesh and Blood communities,. The channel was started in July 2020 with the sole purpose of covering the competitive side of Flesh and Blood. You can find tips on how to level up your game, gameplay videos and coverage of most high level events. We started with a growth of roughly 100 subscribers per month and are currently sitting at 571, which shows there is strong support for Flesh and Blood only content out there.


The game is still growing and if you want to see this progress, simply compare the most recent numbers with what I’ve covered here to get a better picture of the trajectory of the game. There are more and more resources and communities out there which is great to see. I hope this continues in 2021!


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