Five Sleeper Cards to Build Around in Flesh and Blood

One of my absolute favorite design features of Flesh and Blood is how almost every card is viable in some shape or form in the constructed formats of Blitz and Classic. Playability is determined purely by the versatility of cards thanks to the pitch and combat systems. However, some cards stand above the rest, and there are a handful of cards with massive upside which, in my opinion, are yet to have their opportunity fully realized.

Today, I’ll share with you five cards that I think could, or should, be explored more in the Constructed formats of Flesh and Blood. Perhaps their time isn’t right now, but with Monarch dropping in less than a month and a shake up to both the Classic and Blitz formats imminent, could these five cards be in for a starring role? Perhaps there could even be room for these cards in the current format. Are they just underplayed and underutilized? Could it be time to get cooking?


Header - Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind


Three of a Kind is a card that has seen quite a bit less play than I might have expected. You can pretty safely attribute that to the fact that, unfortunately, Azalea’s seen probably the least play of all heroes to date! At the cost of just one resource to draw three cards with go again, there’s certainly innate power about Three of a Kind. Compare it to Tome of Fyendal, a card that’s seen a reasonable amount of play in Constructed and was a corner stone of the Mechanologist High Octane combo in the past Classic Constructed season. 

A card that nets you two cards is a great way to increase the maximum output you can do in a single turn. Yes, there’s a significant downside in that it restricts you to only playing cards from Arsenal after resolution. However, the card restrictions still enable for some pretty big setup plays and ability to push damage. you can chain multiple Take Aim, Nock the Deathwhistle and even Poison the Tips when you pair it with multiple cards with reload and the first card from Arsenal.

The last card from Arsenal doesn’t necessarily have to have Reload as you have Bull’s Eye Bracers to compensate as part of your “big turn” off Three of a Kind too. We might not have all the pieces right now, but this card is one of the most powerful in the game for what it gives you. I’ll certainly be revisiting it post-Monarch release.


Header - Rattle Bones

Rattle Bones


Rattle Bones is a card that was previewed before the release of Crucible of War that I was super hyped about. Effectively a two-cost card that searches up an attack action (albeit from the graveyard as opposed to the deck), it grants an action point and triggers Viserai’s ability.

Like all of these cards on this list, Rattle Bones has is a high-ceiling card that requires some building around or prior setup investment. Rattle Bones’s main problem right now is that it’s generally pretty heads up. Your opponent can often place you on having the card because it requires you to have extra resources and the card in hand during your attack that seemingly doesn’t have go again. If the opponent can prevent all of the Runechant tokens coming in on a turn, then Rattle Bones gets completely turned off. 

Using Rattle Bones as a “toolbox” to search for the right attack to chain a big turn together can be pretty devastating with on-hit effects from cards like Arknight Ascendancy, Meat and Greet, Dread Triptych and Bloodspill Invocation. I think Rattle Bones might find itself more at home in midrange decks that can play Rattle Bones on a turn the opponent can’t Arcane Barrier the total Runechant count off a card like Energy Potion. This is one card where all the tools may already be here for this card to shine, it might just require a touch of creativity and a format beneficial for the supporting Runeblade deck.


Header - Plunder Run

Plunder Run (Red)Plunder Run (Blue)


The lone generic card on my list here. The upside on this card is massive and a direct signpost from the game developers that setting up and using five card hands is an important part of this game. Plunder Run (Red) as a zero-cost card that can be worth up to three damage that replaces itself might seem just okay, given the requirement to be played from Arsenal. However, it can be so much more than the face value if built around. Damage buff effects on almost every other card in the game cost resources, and they certainly don’t replace themselves. Think Razor Reflex, Increase the Tension, Come to Fight and Oath of the Arknight. These are all significant buffs and effects that can help push over on-hit effects or force the opponent to play differently, and that has huge value.

Aggressive Katsu decks in Classic Constructed are a great example of a class that can and likely should be utilizing the power of Plunder Run. Off a five card hand with multiple attacks, flipping a Plunder Run (Red) from Arsenal can make it even more difficult for the opponent to defend efficiently and effectively against on-hit effects and it even adds another in the form of the card draw threat. This threat and the added push to trigger the effect on Mask of Momentum or the Katsu hero ability shouldn’t be glossed over. Additionally, Plunder Run (Blue) is I think another great way to have a resource card that can turn into a credible threat when/if multiple blues are drawn in hand.


Header - Righteous Cleansing

Righteous Cleansing


This entry on my list comes in the form of a card where setup refers to its cost more than anything else. It’s got a whopping cost of seven resources to play – nine if you want to Dominate it! What Righteous Cleansing offers however is a card that can disrupt opposing setups, late game pitch orders and dismantle imminent threats by completely removing them from the opponent’s deck. I see the strength of this card continuing to grow in the future as decks look to setup, plan and craft powerful five-card turns and finisher-style end game states. The developers have continued to signal the importance and power of five-card turns in Flesh and Blood, and that’s unlikely to change with Monarch.

Righteous Cleansing is a card that can shatter completely the inevitability an opponent is setting up and throw game plans into disarray.  The other and quite significant side to Cleansing is its flexibility. It can pitch for two, meaning in the early game it’s still useful a resource and, with 3 defense, a suitable card to defend with in a pinch. 


Header - Flood of Force

Flood of Force


Possibly the most interesting card on this list is a seemingly awkward combo chain finisher in Flood of Force. It’s potentially difficult to reliably get to it as a final attack action card in a chain due to the conditional go again starter of Torrent of Tempo (Red).

If you can get it set up and guarantee that go again chain, you have yourself a cost-efficient 4 attack threat that draws a card and has go again! With Rushing River (the second card in the Flood of Force chain), you already draw and set up for the Flood, meaning once you get Torrent of Tempo to land go again, you should have a high hit rate with Rushing River into Flood of Force.

Now imagine you could set two of these up together late game. How big a turn could you craft with the combo ready and then Katsu going and finding you a second copy of Flood to chain to the first? All of a sudden you could be up two cards with two attacks for 4 with go again and no cost to your available resource pool for the turn!


Header - Looking Forward

These are five cards that can be built around, with many of these could potentially prime candidates to grab out of folders or boxes and build around now. Some might not be ready for their time in the sun just yet, but that could all change quickly given the power of each and every one of these cards.

A common theme across all these cards is their high ceilings and ability to contribute in powerful setup turns. I’m looking forward to working on a few ideas in the coming weeks with these cards and I’ll be carefully watching with Monarch’s release to see which cards could be the next High Octane or Tome of Fyendal in Constructed. 

What other cards do you think should or could be on the radar for building around in constructed? Let me know in the comments!

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