First Look at Tales of Aria, Flesh and Blood’s New Expansion

Just yesterday, Legend Story Studios announced the next Flesh and Blood expansion, Tales of Aria. It’s going to be a big set (238 cards) and we can expect a lot of new additions to the game as a result. The announcement didn’t give us any specific card details, but here’s what we do know:

  • Three new heroes, one of which is called Lexi (they included some of her illustrations).
  • New mechanics on those heroes
  • A focus on magic, because Aria is “the most environmentally magical region of Rathe,” according to their description.

That’s not a ton to go off, but I’ve got some predictions.



Header - Lexi Will Be a Ranger


Given this piece of art, it’s not a stretch to assume that the Ranger class is expanding by one. Lexi has a bow, nailed the target and I’m sure will be coming out with arrows blazing.


Header - We Will Get a New Wizard

If one of the new heroes isn’t a Wizard, I’ll be shocked. Describing the region as intensely magical, with a phrase like “the last remnants of the Flow run pure and strong through the stunning landscapes of Aria” seems like a strong hint that there will be a magic-based hero, which more than likely will be a Wizard. We could see a new class emerge, but expanding the previous class seems more likely to me.


Header - One of the Heroes Will Be a New Class

This is the prediction I’m least confident in, but it seems like a solid opportunity to introduce something completely new. It’s certainly not necessary, since adding heroes to previous classes is a great way to make it so there’s a lot of support from day one, but everyone loves new heroes. If I had to guess right now (which I suppose I do), I think we will get a Ranger, a Wizard and a ???.


Header - Telling Tales

Previews start September 1, and I look forward to seeing what’s in store for us then. Until we get more info, I’ll be hoping for a Wizard, and I’ll be waiting to see what Tales of Aria has for us!

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