Exclusive FAB Preview Card – Light It Up

Today I have the pleasure of sharing an exclusive preview card from Tales of Aria, the next Flesh and Blood set. I want to thank Legend Story Studios for not only giving me this preview, but sending me the actual card (in foil, no less). It’s an awesome way to do preview cards, and I have to hand it to them for making previewing cards that much more exciting. Feast your eyes on this gorgeous Light it Up!




Let’s break down what Light it Up does. First of all, it’s a Lexi specialization card, which means that you have to be playing Lexi Livewire in order to include Light it Up in your deck. Lexi was recently previewed as well, and is indeed a live wire.



She’s a Ranger, and an Elemental one at that. She allows you to play with not only Ranger cards, but also Ice and Lightning ones as well (new types present in Tales of Aria). 

Light it Up offers a cheap attack (one cost for four damage isn’t bad), with a couple powerful special abilities. The first is Lightning Fusion, which lets you reveal a Lightning card when you play this, and in exchange you add “if this hits a hero, deal 1 damage to them for each equipment they control.”

They could have up to four pieces of equipment, which makes this a real heavy hitter, and a potentially game-ending threat. Additionally, the last ability of the card is that it strips all activated abilities from their equipment if it deals more damage than the number of equipment they’ve got on. Alongside the fusion ability, that mostly means “if this hits”, which leaves us with a strong metagame selection.

If you have enough Lightning in your deck to reliably fuse this, it’s a potent threat that can really deal some damage, and disrupt the opponent’s game plan. Tons of great equipment have activated abilities, such as Fyendal’s Spring Tunic, Scabskin Leathers, Tectonic Plating and much more. Denying your opponent an entire turn of using those abilities can be devastating, and in some cases, can force them to take much worse lines on their next turn.

Plus, we’re talking about a one-cost attack that can deal up to eight damage, which is no joke.

Ranger decks are getting a huge boost with Tales of Aria, and Lexi will definitely be lighting it up soon!

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