Exclusive Everfest Preview Card – Bingo!

The Everfest party is just getting started, and today we’ve hit a real bingo. Thanks to Legend Story Studios for this exclusive preview card – I appreciate them giving me such a good thematic fit. I’m a fan of spiking, whether it be a lucky top-deck, the last parking spot or even a nice bingo. This card lets you do just that – let’s take a look!

A few things stand out right away:

  • Bingo is generic, so any hero can use it. That’s huge, because it opens the door for untold possibilities, and can slot into any deck that wants it. Powerful generic cards tend to see a lot of play, and Bingo may be added to that roster.
  • It deals a lot of damage for just one resource point. We are seeing the red version here, of course, but five damage for just one cost is aggressive. This thing packs a punch!
  • It’s got some intriguing text. If it hits, you get a shot at an extra action point or an extra card, both of which are worth a lot. This not being a reliable output does make planning out your turns a little trickier, but getting either of these benefits makes this a fantastic deal.

Bingo looks to fit nicely in aggressive strategies, and I look forward to seeing where it ends up. A bit of power, a bit of aggression, and a bit of randomness – that sounds like a good time to me!


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