Collecting Cards – The Legend Story Studios Difference

Friday, April 30 marked the worldwide pre-release of Monarch, the fourth expansion in the Flesh and Blood (FaB) Trading Card Game. Regardless of your focus, be it Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, Yugioh or sports cards, the growth of Flesh and Blood and collecting cards has been exponential and undeniable. 

It wasn’t until I watched the presentation by Flesh and Blood creator James White at the Local Game Store Conference, presented by ChannelFireball, that I dug deeper and learned that this man spent two decades of his life and career preparing to create a publisher that would do things right. Immediately upon turning open the cover of the first hardcover lore book, every LGS owner, collector and player is greeted with the words “Trading Card Games [TCG’s] are an incredible medium for bringing people together. Their unifying force transcends age, race, religion, gender and even social status, through a common language of ‘playing great games.’” These are James’ words, and an extension of LSS’ core mission. 

But how, in such an incredibly competitive industry and in the midst of a global pandemic, has this game been so massively successful? What can other gaming companies, both established and new, learn from this?


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