Cards of the Week – Snatch, Volition and Dynamo

Another week means another Cards of the Week. We’ve got some interesting ones on the docket for today, so without further ado, let’s take a look!



Header - On the Rise - Snatch (Red)

Snatch (Red)


With the absolutely numerous amounts of ways to give cards go-again already in the meta, and the numerous ways that will continue to come going forward, Snatch continues its prominence as a defining card from the original set. As the only attack action that presents and unconditional draw upon hit, Snatch is unique in the fact that it’s dangerous with or without go-again, along with being extremely flexible in the way it can force pressure on your opponent. 

Snatch is fantastic due to its ability to played at almost any point in a combat chain and be effective. Whether it’s the last card to be played in a long chain, allowing you to refill your Arsenal with the on-hit effect at the end of your turn, or simply being played out of Arsenal after blocking with four cards and applying some pressure the other way, Snatch plays just as well in either situation. In addition, due to Snatch being able to synergize with so many cards such as Razor Reflex, Snapdragon Scalers, Art of War and more, your Snatch is almost never a dead card in your hand. This versatility makes it a great addition to almost any aggressive deck, and one that will stay this way for a long time to come.


Header - On the Fall - Consuming Volition

Consuming Volition (Red)


Consuming Volition and Meat and Greet are the sister cards within Runeblade from Crucible of War. However, the latter has found itself as vastly superior card so far, mainly due to it having a conditional effect occurring from its on-hit effect and the on-hit effect of any arcane damage in the turn. Consuming, on the other hand, finds itself in a place that needs to fulfil two conditions just to have it is on-hit effect occur, which although powerful, is not significant enough to demand all the hoops you must jump through to make it happen.

With the inclusion of less than one arcane damage source for Runeblade coming in Monarch, alongside the inclusion of a go-wide hero in Chane that it seems Consuming Volition was made for, it seemed the card would find a small resurgence. However, outside some small use in Viserai, it mostly seems that Consuming Volition has had its time in the sun for now. The low utility of the card without both its conditional effects activating, alongside the better alternative in Meat and Greet, has pushed it now entirely out of the meta until a new Runeblade hero comes along.


Header - On the Lookout - Valiant Dynamo

Valiant Dynamo


Although it had trouble breaking into the meta, Valiant Dynamo is still a legitimately solid piece of equipment. As shown by Carrion Husk, big blocks from equipment can absolutely swing matchups. Although Valiant Dynamo does not have as great an impact on the game immediately when it’s used, it also doesn’t pick away at your life like Carrion Husk does once it is used.

Over most games I have seen, Carrion Husk usually ends up blocking for six and then goes to eat up three health from you with blood debt, meaning you get a benefit of about three life from the equipment piece. If you’re aggressively blocking with Valiant Dynamo, it’s not an unreasonable thing to say that in a Classic Constructed game you could get an equal benefit or more of life total.

This is what makes the Dynamo such an interesting piece of equipment overall – the ability to give the holder a steady life lead over the game. Personally, I think the lack of Dynamo users partially comes from the meta currently in play. Due to the highly aggressive meta, Dynamo users are prevented from gaining the effect as much as they would like and suffer from the opportunity loss of running a Refraction Bolters or Snapdragon Scalers.

This high competition for the leg slot in Warrior, alongside an aggro meta has made it difficult for the Dynamo to break out. However, I think there’s a lot of potential still left on the table here, and once the meta slows down the Dynamo will start to show up in strong midrange Warrior builds that can win by generating value in their weapon swings and equipment blocks.

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