Cards of the Week – Plunder, Tome and Empowerment

Another week means another iteration of Cards of the Week. We’ve got some exciting ones in store for today, so let’s take a look!



On the Rise - Plunder Run (Blue)

Plunder Run (Blue)


Due to the aggressive nature of the meta, utility blues are now in fashion. These blue pitch cards that have a relatively strong impact on the game when played are few and far between, but Plunder Run finds it is way here as a solid option for many looking into this field.

Previously, Plunder Run (Blue) used to be a solid option for Katsu as a support card to his attack actions, threatening more draw and obviously turning on the Kodachis or being a valuable discard option with his ability. Now, Plunder Run has been bringing these same values into Chane and Boltyn, where it supports the aggressive decks with ample card advantage either from its draw effect or simply forcing blocks out from the opponent’s side.

Plunder Run’s new-found new life in both Chane and Boltyn aggro builds capitalizes on the “must-block” effect created by the on-hit draw presented by all their attack actions due to Plunder Run. Just like Snatch (Red), which was one of last week’s Cards of the Week, Plunder Run (Blue) has found a new home in these decks, sticking it firmly in meta now for probably quite some time.


Header - On the Fall - Tome of Torment

Tome of Torment


Getting some early play with Chane and Levia, Tome of Torment has strongly fallen out of play from the meta. As much as I want to love this card, I simply cannot. The lack of go-again means it finds itself in the same position as Tome of Fyendal, having a high ceiling but a very low floor. As designers, I understand that they must be very careful in terms of the design space of Tome of Torment, which includes recursion and draw, so it makes sense that the card takes up a whole action point. However, I’m not sure if the payoff is worth the effect even then.


Header - On the Lookout - Empowerment

Ancestral Empowerment


Due to the presence of Ira, Ancestral Empowerment took a large backseat recently since it doesn’t really have great utility within her style of play. However, as Katsu comes back into the fold in Classic Constructed, Ancestral now meets a new meta which is less defensively inclined and has a greater reliance on breakpoints than ever. This means both aggro and Ninja turtle variations of Katsu can use Ancestral’s +1 to greater effect, alongside gaining the benefit of the draw which was so useful originally.

There’s a lot of value here in a tiny package for Ancestral Empowerment, and in comparison to the previous meta, there’s also much more room for it now to make a larger impact and start off large turns from Katsu with a hit. It should be interesting to see if any deck lists are able to incorporate it and take it to the next step moving forward. 

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