Cards of the Week – Fabled Cards Edition

For this week’s Cards of the Week, I want to do something a little different and highlight the Fabled cards from the first four sets and see how they stack up in our meta. Although highly competitive Fabled cards would be unobtainable for many players, for those who are lucky enough to own them, building a deck with/around Fabled cards can be a rewarding and fun experience. With that in mind, let us hop right into this week’s cards of the week!


Header - On the Rise - Eye of Ophidia

Eye of Ophidia


The Eye is by far the most playable Fabled we’ve seen so far and most likely will see for a long time. Due to the nature of TCG based around a deck of cards, top deck interactions such as opt will always have value in the game. For those classes that are commonly interacting with the top of their deck, the Eye then becomes a fairly viable card to reduce some of the RNG generated when interacting blindly while providing a solid three pitch for the turn ahead. Let’s take a look at some cases where Eye is commonly used.



For obvious reasons, Wizard loves to know what’s on top of the deck so they can more efficiently start burning you on their/your turn. Alongside this, the blue pitch fits in perfectly to what a Wizard player is looking for resource-wise when pitched. Although there is some friction when it lands up on top of your deck in key moments (unable to be played or banished), the benefit of having it has kept it in many Wizard decks.


Runeblade/Shadow Runeblade

Being classes that need pitch frequently, Runeblade and Shadow Runeblade enjoy having Eye many times for that sole reason. However, many cards such as Tome of the Arknight, Sutcliffe’s Research Notes, Shadow Puppetry and even Soul Shackle care about what’s on top of your deck. Due to the benefit of these cards, it can be useful to have Eye as the pitched card to interact with your top deck more efficiently and maximize your big turns. 



The Monarch influx of Brute cards has emphasized the “draw then randomly discard” aspect of Brute. This is great to maintain hand size, but poor for managing the discarded card. Since so many Brute cards want the discarded card to have six or more attack, you can easily miss on this discard is the drawn card is a non-attack action or low attack card or so forth.

Eye helps solve this issue, alongside pay for those expensive Brute attacks. In addition to this, cards that freely draw or interact with the top-deck such as Bloodrush Bellow, Beast Within and Savage Feast, all love knowing what is generally coming on the top of your deck as well. Since Brute does not require a large opt like Wizard or so forth, the small opt 2 of Eye can be enough in this class to secure the draw off the top deck to be an efficient one, alongside setting you up for your large Brute turns. 

Even outside the class interactions, simply pitching Eye and sculpting your hand slightly for next turn is huge in Flesh and Blood. Opt also allows you to place some of those important cards you do not want in hand back at the bottom of your deck without your opponent knowing what they are. This gives extra benefit for the endgame as well. All in all, Eye is by far the strongest Fabled printed by Legend Story Studios and likely will remain as a strong staple fluctuating in and out of the meta for quite some time.


Header - On the Fall - Heart of Fyendal

Heart of Fyendal


Although it squeaked its way into some decks in the early metas, the Heart has all but fallen out of play by now. Due to the Heart only gaining you a life if you have a lower life total now than your opponent, its usability is rather niche. This has led it to become a liability in most decks as the gained life does not account for the value it could block for were it another card. Although the blue pitch is nice, it by no means makes up for its no blocking value and poor on-pitch effect. This has led even the few Dorinthea decks that used it to now opt away from the Heart for other, better options.


Header - On the Lookout - Library of Solana

Great Library of Solana


The Library well deserves its “on the lookout” status. Gaining one intellect is a big deal in the game, and since very few heroes are running many yellows, once you get the Library out for your deck, you’ll usually be the only one to capitalize on it’s effect.

Many Prism decks are already running Library as a “win-more” condition, as the card advantage provided by it and some of her other cards can easily snowball into a victory. In Prism, the combination with Genesis is overwhelming for many classes to handle, alongside the synergy with her other yellow pitch interactions such as Luminaris and Vestige of Sol. Although I never see Library being a staple in the high end meta for even Prism (who can maximize its effect), I see it being a centerpiece of many endgame strategies, allowing it to stick around the fringes of the meta for a long time in its own right. As one of the Fabled cards, that’s exactly what we want to see.

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