Break the Limits with Lexi Blitz – The Best Day One Synergies

With the release of Tales of Aria, Lexi is looking to bring new life to Flesh and Blood’s Ranger class – formerly known as the game’s least competitive-viable hero. This article will explore some of the best day one synergies for Lexi as well as a day-one Lexi Blitz deck you can sleeve up to shock and freeze the competition at your local game store.


Class: Ranger
Hero: Lexi
Weapons: Voltaire, Strike Twice
Equipment: Arcanite Skullcap, Fyendal's Spring Tunic, Gambler's Gloves, Heart of Ice, New Horizon, Nullrune Boots, Nullrune Gloves, Nullrune Hood, Perch Grapplers, Shock Charmers

(2) Blizzard Bolt (red)
(2) Head Shot (red)
(1) Increase the Tension (red)
(2) Plunder Run (red)
(2) Polar Blast (red)
(1) Pulse of Volthaven (red)
(2) Remorseless (red)
(2) Three of a Kind (red)
(2) Blizzard Bolt (yellow)
(2) Chill to the Bone (yellow)
(2) Cold Wave (yellow)
(2) Ice Quake (yellow)
(2) Polar Blast (yellow)
(2) Winter's Bite (yellow)
(2) Amulet of Ice (blue)
(2) Blizzard (blue)
(2) Blizzard Bolt (blue)
(2) Channel Lake Frigid (blue)
(2) Chill to the Bone (blue)
(2) Frost Lock (blue)
(2) Ice Quake (blue)
(1) Frostbite (undefined)


Wielding the powers of lightning and ice, Lexi has access to two different styles of play: go-wide or go-tall. Both strategies can pull in elements of disruption to make your opponent’s turn more difficult. Two different bows lend to different strategies with similar effects. Shiver can enable a massive go-tall strategy with dominate when paired with cards like Increase the Tension (Red), Pulse of Volthaven and other cards that sharply raise the attack value of arrows. Forcing big sources of damage backed with dominate is a play straight out of the Guardian playbook, but Lexi does a wonderful job emulating the strategy.



Header - Old Favorites

Head Shot (Red)RemorselessPlunder Run (Red)Three of a Kind


Head Shot (Red) is a powerful card in Lexi’s kit. When paired with Voltaire, it can be fired off as the last arrow or attack card of your turn, gaining a staggering +3 from the bow’s +1 effect and Head Shot’s own triggered ability which grants it another +2. The ability to threaten seven damage off two total resource points including the activation of Voltaire is not to be underestimated.

Similar to Head Shot (Red), Remorseless is a fantastic final arrow to fire on your turn. By loading it with either Shiver or Voltaire, the triggered ability will apply and your opponent will be unable to play defense reactions to the attack. The disruptive effect has the potential to rip a few points of life off your opponent’s total if they’re running one of the many decks that likes to play more than one action a turn.

Plunder Run gains new power through enabling a more go-wide strategy with Voltaire and creating the card advantage to extend a turn by an additional attack, or applying extra pressure and preparing a card to Arsenal on the next turn.

Three of a Kind is perhaps the most exciting of the old Ranger tech to get a refreshing new outlook. When paired with Voltaire, this has the ability to create some truly massive turns. Of course, the restriction of only playing cards from Arsenal for the remainder of turns will be restrictive in many scenarios. Use Three of a Kind before using both activations of Voltaire if at all possible.


Header - Selecting the Elements

Fuse can create powerful additional effects on attack cards. Pair that with Lexi’s hero ability that can flip element cards from Arsenal for a bonus effect and you have an engine capable of generating value over time and slowly but surely wearing your opponent down.

Consistency will be the biggest challenge of building Lexi in Blitz or Classic Constructed. Most element-specific cards required to fuse only block for two and typically don’t do a lot on their own. Balancing the ratios of fuse attacks to element-specific cards will be crucial to establishing a consistent play style that can reliably fuse attacks. Players and deck builders alike will be forced to balance this ratio with the resource requirements of the deck.

While Lexi’s hero ability can take advantage of both lightning and ice cards, her arrow cards will be more selective. While a balance of both ice and lightning cards may generate the most rewarding deck list, selecting only one to focus on can certainly boost the consistency of fuse for Lexi in the short term. Because Lexi is a Ranger and must fire arrow cards from Arsenal, the mechanics of fuse and meeting additional cost requirements is more difficult for Lexi than either Briar or Oldhim.


Header - New Cards, New Synergies


Heart of Ice will be a powerful option against decks that look to use low (or zero) cost defense reaction cards or play instants during your attack. This is a disruptive card that can generate some massive value over time. Pair it with Channel Lake Frigid and a deck full of ice cards and you’ll make your opponent’s life a frozen hell.

Use Shock Charmers to threaten additional detrimental effects on your opponent if your arrows hit. You can threaten and bluff this by holding up additional cards in your hand when firing arrows and still having additional activations of Shiver or Voltaire available. Lightning and Ice fuse cards that do additional effects when they deal damage can leverage Shock Charmers to powerful effect if your opponent gets too greedy or simply doesn’t have the capability to block your attack. A less obvious ability of this equipment is that Lexi can use it as an outlet to recycle unwanted cards from hand in the case that you want to get rid of something and draw a fresh card.


Cards like Electrify and Polar Ice will pair especially well with Lexi. Having the ability to flip the card with her hero ability, generating a bonus effect, then drawing a card off the card played from arsenal can create card advantage and help you stack the elements to your favor. For the icy variant of Lexi, that means creating a Frostbite token under your opponent’s control, then forcing them to pay a resource cost and a card from hand or allow you to give dominate to the next arrow you shoot their way.

Lexi is more resource dependent than Azalea. While your deck will no-doubt want to prioritize shooting red-lined arrow attacks across the battlefield, you’ll want to have plenty of resources to get value from your bow of choice. With Voltaire, that represents an extra two resource cost every turn on top of the cost of playing your arrow attack cards. Lexi will no doubt want to prioritize a higher blue-card count than Azalea to pay those costs and is rewarded to do so by having Shock Charmers as a resource sink.


In lightning variants of Lexi, use her hero ability to flip Ball Lightning (Red) from Arsenal to give your next attack go-again. With New Horizon in the head slot, you will open up the second Arsenal slot and can load an arrow. Fire the arrow, attack with Ball Lightning, then use Voltaire again to fire off a third attack threatening additional damage.

Pair the new Bolt’n’ Shot (Red) with Voltaire and give the attack +1. Because of Bolt’n’ Shot’s ability, it will automatically have go again while threatening additional attack. On hit, you can use the reload key word to load another arrow then save your final Voltaire activation for a third arrow if you have the resources to pay for it.


Lightning can strike the same place twice. Look to pair additive lightning fuse effects like Buzz Bolt (red) and Frazzle (red) to generate extra damage when they deal damage. At five attack each, both of these attacks represent two cards from your opponent’s hand unless they dedicate armor. Pile on the pressure and lean into Voltaire to keep your opponent backpedaling and unable to attack back effectively.


Header - Conclusion

Lexi will no doubt bring new life to the Ranger class. I am excited to see what the community will build with her versatile toolkit and the impact it creates within Blitz and the Classic Constructed formats. Here’s to a great pre-release weekend and a fantastic full release next week. Good luck to all those folks who will be ripping through some first edition product in search of some of the amazing new cards offered within Tales of Aria!

What Lexi synergies are you most excited for? Join the conversation and let me know in the comments below!

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