Blitz Spotlight — Three Decks to Pick Up & Play

Blitz is a fun entry point to Flesh and Blood with quick-fire games and a wide set of heroes to choose from. If you are new to Flesh and Blood – if you are looking for faster games to play at home or just with your friends – Blitz could be just the format for you. Don’t forget, Blitz is also supported by local game stores and will even be featured at a high-level pro invite event in New Zealand early next year.

So, with all that in mind, today I bring you three decks that I recommend for different reasons as great pick up and go builds for getting into Blitz. The three decklists I am sharing here include a budget-friendly list, a brand-new hero from Crucible of War and even a fully powered competitive Blitz list. If you are unfamiliar with the Blitz format you can find the official rules here. The format is very straightforward, with each player using exactly a 40-card deck and having access to 11 equipment/weapons of their choice to combine with their chosen hero (a max of 52 in all). One of the real points of difference from Classic Constructed is that the deck you present each game does not change. The only cards that will change for a hero from game to game will be the equipment and weapon loadout – so select your 40 cards wisely as every card slot is precious!

Budget Option: Dash

Deck List via fabdb.net

Class: Mechanologist
Hero: Dash
Weapons: Plasma Barrel Shot
Equipment: Achilles Accelerator, Gambler's Gloves, Goliath Gauntlet, Ironrot Gauntlet, Ironrot Helm, Ironrot Legs, Nullrune Gloves, Nullrune Robe, Vest of the First Fist, Viziertronic Model i

(2) High Speed Impact (red)
(2) Hyper Driver (red)
(2) Maximum Velocity (red)
(2) Over Loop (red)
(2) Pedal to the Metal (red)
(2) Throttle (red)
(2) Zero to Sixty (red)
(2) Zipper Hit (red)
(2) High Speed Impact (yellow)
(2) Pedal to the Metal (yellow)
(2) Spark of Genius (yellow)
(2) Throttle (yellow)
(2) Zero to Sixty (yellow)
(2) Zipper Hit (yellow)
(2) Combustible Courier (blue)
(2) High Speed Impact (blue)
(2) Teklo Core (blue)
(2) Throttle (blue)
(2) Zero to Sixty (blue)
(2) Zipper Hit (blue)


Go fast and hit hard! If you are looking for a budget-friendly starting point for the Blitz format look no further than this Mechanologist deck. Focused on chaining together multiple Attack Actions with boost on your turns then ending the chain with either a significant hit from your Plasma Barrel Shot, or even absolutely laying it down with one of my personal favorites, Maximum Velocity.

Dash’s hero ability allows you to start with a Mechanologist item costing 2 or less in play. For this build you can start with either Teklo Core or Hyper Driver, a deviation from traditional builds that often focus around the mid to late game and will start with Induction Chamber. Start with Teklo Core for matchups or games you expect to win early by punching through two or three big turns like against Wizard or Mechanologist mirror. Always start with Hyper Driver when on the draw as those first two resources from Teklo Core will be wasted if you are using them to attack your opponent on the very first turn of the game. The opponent can simply block with impunity as they draw back up before their own turn.

DashPlasma Barrel ShotHyper Driver

Games where you are going first, it is best to take the opportunity to get a key Attack Action like red Zero to Sixty in the Arsenal, get a counter on your weapon ready for a subsequent turn, and/or play another item if you are fortunate enough to have drawn one. If you have Spark of Genius in your opener, simply search one up!

An important thing to remember with the Plasma Barrel Shot is that you want to have the counter on it before you start playing Attack Actions with boost onto the combat chain. This is because Plasma Barrel Shot only counts attacks that you have boosted on the current chain. If you play or use a non-Attack Action you will be breaking the chain and the next Attack Action after said non-Attack Action will start a new chain. Examples of non-Attack Actions are paying 2 and placing a steam counter on your weapon or perhaps if you had Locked and Loaded in the deck, then playing one after the first attack would break the chain. The best setup is often putting the counter on the weapon the turn before and setting up for that tasty five-card turn full of boosted attacks.

New Challenger Emerges: Kayo, Berserker Runt

Deck List via fabdb.net

Class: Brute
Hero: Kayo, Berserker Runt
Weapons: Romping Club
Equipment: Arcanite Skullcap, Barkbone Strapping, Fyendal's Spring Tunic, Gambler's Gloves, Goliath Gauntlet, Heartened Cross Strap, Ironrot Gauntlet, Nullrune Boots, Scabskin Leathers, Skullhorn

(2) Command and Conquer (red)
(2) Enlightened Strike (red)
(2) Flock of the Featherwalkers (red)
(2) Life for a Life (red)
(2) Massacre (red)
(2) Predatory Assault (red)
(2) Scar for a Scar (red)
(2) Sink Below (red)
(2) Barraging Beatdown (yellow)
(2) Barraging Bighorn (yellow)
(2) Beast Within (yellow)
(2) Flock of the Featherwalkers (yellow)
(2) Primeval Bellow (yellow)
(2) Savage Swing (yellow)
(2) Springboard Somersault (yellow)
(2) Swing Fist, Think Later (yellow)
(2) Wrecker Romp (yellow)
(2) Barraging Beatdown (blue)
(2) Swing Fist, Think Later (blue)
(2) Wrecker Romp (blue)


Bring your favorite D6 and strap in for some fun as you experience the thrill of putting it all on the line with Kayo, Berserker Runt! At least that is certainly what you would think you might be doing when you first look at this hero’s abilities, however this hero need not be played with all-in roulette style. The build I have shared here is very much a mid-range shell of a Brute deck that looks to use the power of Romping Club alongside some solid defensive cards in red Sink Below and Springboard Somersault to hold steady for the majority of turns in your games. Almost all cards in this deck defend for at least 3, however you will notice a package of 2 defense cards. These cards are key for swinging back tempo and can also be very relevant on your decisive damage turns. With this build you will move between the defensive turns and turns where you will be getting back on the front foot through multiple attacks. The other path you will take is setting up a Quicken token with Flock of the Feather Walkers. This build can also use red Life for a Life or red Scar for a Scar in order to go wide, draw out a defending card from your opponent, before playing a 6-damage attack that can trigger Kayo’s hero ability.

Kayo, Berserker RuntPredatory Assault (Red)Flock of the Feather Walkers (Red)

But these are all just ways to trade damage and gain small edges. This deck’s real endgame is setting up a sizable hit to finish off your opponent. Two of the best paths to victory involve red Predatory Assault with dominate for 12 or Massacre swinging for 14 on the back of a Swing Fist, Think Later which would also see the opponent having two cards intimidated, unavailable to defend with. Another setup involves an active Quicken token after an attack that discards a 6-power Attack Action. Even your head equipment in Skullhorn can set you up right. There are so many variations on these final turns, but it will generally take the form of two or three attacks, the final one triggering Kayo’s hero ability. Gambler’s Glove can certainly be a backup, but with this build the only dice roll that is crucial is that last one, and even then with the ability for the deck to trade damage and go wide not hitting the 1 in 3 won’t sink you!

Competitive Ready: Ira, Crimson Haze

Deck List via fabdb.net

Class: Ninja
Hero: Ira, Crimson Haze
Weapons: Harmonized Kodachi, Harmonized Kodachi, Zephyr Needle
Equipment: Breaking Scales, Breeze Rider Boots, Fyendal's Spring Tunic, Mask of Momentum, Nullrune Boots, Nullrune Gloves, Nullrune Hood, Nullrune Robe

(2) Ancestral Empowerment (red)
(2) Command and Conquer (red)
(2) Enlightened Strike (red)
(2) Fate Foreseen (red)
(2) Flic Flak (red)
(2) Flying Kick (red)
(2) Sigil of Solace (red)
(2) Sink Below (red)
(2) Soulbead Strike (red)
(2) Torrent of Tempo (red)
(2) Soulbead Strike (yellow)
(2) Springboard Somersault (yellow)
(2) Torrent of Tempo (yellow)
(2) Crane Dance (blue)
(2) Find Center (blue)
(2) Flic Flak (blue)
(2) Fluster Fist (blue)
(2) Rising Knee Thrust (blue)
(2) Rushing River (blue)
(2) Whelming Gustwave (blue)


If you want to see this deck in action you can watch me playing almost this exact list against LSV in gameplay we recorded a couple of weeks back – two games versus Rhinar. This list comes from Legend Story Studios’ first birthday Blitzathon and was played by Chris Gehring from the development team:

Ira, Crimson Haze is without a doubt one of the coolest heroes in the world of Rathe. The intro deck where Ira was first featured was what got me into Flesh and Blood and probably why I gravitate to this hero now that she is legal in Blitz. This build is all about getting the advantage from Ira’s hero ability which adds an extra damage to the second attack each turn. The second attack each turn will usually be with a weapon. You can play two Kodachi, or one Kodachi and one Zephyr Needle. Needle is great if you believe the opponent will likely have few or no Defense Reactions in their deck, then you can be confident that they will be unlikely to break the Needle. One of the best upsides of Ira’s ability is that the second attack, be it a weapon or Attack Action card will get buffed. Occasionally your second attack will be an Attack Action like Command and Conquer, which when buffed to 7 attack creates a real headache for your opponent.

Ira, Crimson HazeMask of MomentumFlying Kick (Red)Springboard Somersault

This deck has a high number of resource cards to ensure almost every turn you can make the play of weapon, weapon, Attack Action to threaten the Mask of Momentum trigger. The deck is quite controlling in nature and while you do have some big hitters like red Flying Kick, Enlightened Strike, and red Torrent of Tempo this isn’t your traditional combo-focused Ninja build at all. Almost a quarter of the deck are Defense Reactions, with eight in total. You can really shut down attacking decks and gain advantage through chipping away damage and forcing them to block at least one attack each turn to stop you gaining the advantage of free cards from Mask of Momentum.

Wrap Up

There you have it, three Blitz builds that I think are all genuinely a heap of fun to play for different reasons. One is quick and furious; another is high risk but high reward; and the last gives you consistency but is less explosive. If you haven’t already, build up a deck, or take one of the above lists, and play a few games. The format is fast-paced and there are certainly great challenges and some crazy turns to be had. You will find these games to be quite different than Classic Constructed and Limited which keeps it very diverse. If you try some of these decks for yourself, then leave a comment and let everyone know how it went!

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