Arsenal Pass Ep9 – The Calling Auckland 2021 Monarch Limited

In this weeks episode of Arsenal Pass, Hayden and Brendan do a deep dive on The Calling Auckland – Monarch Limited.

Hayden breaks down his experiences during the weekend, including winning team sealed, not getting the result he was looking for during Day 1 of the Calling, and the Pro Tour Invitational event (Classic Constructed) on Sunday. Through Hayden, we get a very special chance to see what it’s like to work hard for something and sometimes not get the result we hoped for. Hayden outlines his preparation for the event, testing team, constructed deck from day 2, and most importantly lets listeners into his thought process on how do deal with losses and always staying positive.

In this episode, you will get the full Calling experience as we go in depth day by day and round by round on everything the weekend had to offer. Congratulations to the Top 8 competitors and to Matt Rogers for winning an absolute stacked and amazing event. The coverage team did a fantastic job, and we recommend you check out footage from the event if you haven’t yet; this can be found on the FABTCG Youtube Channel.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a comment/question last week! The Cold Foil Dawnblade winner is announced in this episode.

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