An Introduction to Viserai, Rune Blood

Viserai used to be a human from Volcor. Since he washed up on the shores of Demonastery, he has been a subject of experiments of a crazed researcher called Lord Sutcliffe. He brought Viserai back to life imbuing him with arcane powers. An exceptional warrior in his past life, Viserai became even more deadly with the access to Runechant magic. Combining the power of physical prowess and his newly acquired arcane abilities make him the perfect servant of Lord Sutcliffe, who has full control over Viserai – or so he thinks. Solemn, obedient and merciless, Viserai is slowly discovering the extent of his powers, but also beginning to question the loyalty to his master. 

“As his creator searches for a way to bind Viserai to his will, the secrets of the Demonastery threaten to spill forth, as the ancient powers within stir once more. Viserai must find a way to break free before it is too late…”



Header - Physical/Arcane Abilities

The sheer strength of Viserai and his experience as a decorated warrior in Volcor helped him survive the excruciating experiments of Lord Sutcliffe. This endurance and power makes him a capable physical fighter. Like other Runeblades, Viserai can hone in on the physical side and arcane side to strike his opponents on two fronts. He relies on both non-attack actions and attack actions together to maximize damage output. Both of these rely on the newly found arcane powers of Runechants – Viserai’s signature arcane force. 

Become the Arknight (Regular)Viserai, Rune Blood (Regular)Arknight Ascendancy (Regular)

Coming at your opponents on the physical front and arcane front makes it exceptionally hard to stop the different types of damage. Viserai puts his opponents to the ultimate test when it comes to trying to play a defensive game plan against him. The synergy between the two types of damage. In some cases, dealing arcane damage actively makes your physical attacks stronger, while in turn, those add arcane potency.

Meat and Greet (Red) (Regular)Consuming Volition (Red) (Regular)Rattle Bones (Regular)

Even the two token weapons for Viserai reflect the need to balance non-attack action cards and attack action cards to power up:

Nebula Blade (Regular)Rosetta Thorn


Header - Runechant Mastery

Runechants give lots of different options on how a Viserai deck can be built. On one hand, these make him a powerful aggressive machine, on the other, he can rely on his full suit of armor and defensive options to stack Runechants throughout the game and build enough to obliterate his opponent in one big attack. 

Reduce to Runechant (Red) (Regular)Ninth Blade of the Blood Oath (Regular)Runeblood Barrier (Regular)

Starting off your turn with a non-attack action means Viserai can channel his arcane energies, generating Runechants the more Runeblade cards you play. These in turn power up more cards, allowing him to create some of the most explosive turns in the game. Cards like Rune Flash and Amplify the Arknight are actively cheaper the more Runechants you have, while cards like Sutcliffe’s Research Notes, Read the Runes and Mordred Tide help you speed up the Runechant creation process. All of these excel in Viserai, because of the compounding effect of his hero ability. 

Sutcliffe's Research Notes (Red) (Regular)Rune Flash (Red) (Regular)Mordred Tide (Regular)


Header - Range of On-Hit Effects

Meat and Greet (Red) (Regular)Consuming Volition (Red) (Regular)Mauvrion Skies (Red) (Regular)

One of the ways Viserai demands defense from his opponents is by relying on powerful detrimental and beneficial on-hit effects. Attacks like Meat and Greet and Consuming Volition combine with your Runechant generation to force your opponent into situations, where they are forced to give up cards from their hand to stop these on-hits. 

A great skill when playing Viserai is sequencing your attacks correctly. Sometimes running out those less threatening attacks and luring your opponent into a false sense of security is how you gain an advantage. Then, when you drop those on-hits, they realize they should have been defending the whole time. It’s a great way to sneak in some damage, while slowing your opponent’s attack by forcing them to defend.

One of the challenges of playing Viserai is sequencing your turn in a way that maximizes Runechant creation and damage output. Shooting one Runechant and attacking for four is significantly harder for the opponent to stop than shooting three Runechants and attacking for three, as a single blue card stops the three Runechants, while a three defense card blocks the attack. Keeping these breakpoints in mind can help you push through damage.

Become the Arknight (Regular)

This card brings a lot of consistency to playing Viserai, as you are given the option of exchanging a non-attack for an attack in your deck and vice versa. However, this multitude of options can make it tough to choose the best line of play. Having a few key cards in mind when playing it out can help you narrow down the decision. Cards like Mordred Tide, red Meat and Greet and red Read the Runes are all great and unique cards that can help you turn an average turn into something productive. 

Viserai is a powerhouse of a hero with a wide range of ways of being played. Finding the right balance of non-attack action cards, attack action cards and defensive options is definitely challenging. The same goes for the playstyle. Viserai is an advanced hero with a huge damage output potential, however, he does require a lot of experience to maneuver. If you are up for the challenge and love the split between magic damage and normal physical attacks, Viserai is for you. A bit of practice and taking time to familiarize yourself with the unique sequencing that the deck requires will see you overwhelm your opponents with Runechants in no time. 

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