An Introduction to Kayo, Berserker Runt in Flesh and Blood

Kayo’s greatest strength and greatest weakness is his unpredictability. As his name suggests, he is capable of KO’ing his opponents in one swing. At the same time, his swings can simply miss. This is reflected in his hero ability, which either halves or doubles the attack of attack action cards with six or more power. If you like to live on the edge and aren’t afraid with a strong element of luck being a part of your core strategy, Kayo is the hero for you!

“As a cub, Kayo was born small and slow; a death sentence within the jungles of the Savage Lands. In his struggle to survive, he wandered further and further to the east, trying in vain to escape the predators that stalked him through the trees. However, as time passed, instinct took over, bloodlust driving him to challenge beasts three times his size. What Kayo lacks in size and strength, he makes up for with sheer ferocity, tearing his prey apart piece by bloody piece.”

Kayo, Berserker Runt (Regular)

The fun and excitement of playing Kayo is the unknown of how strong your attacks will end up. When it comes to deck building, you can either dive into this randomness or try to mitigate it. Cards like Gambler’s Gloves and Ready to Roll can skew the odds in your favor, helping you swing with a monstrous attack. Otherwise, you can spit out as many attacks as possible and hope one gets doubled up. Wild Ride and Pulping help with this, as they often have go again. 

Ready to Roll (Regular)Gambler's Gloves (Regular)Bad Beats (Red) (Regular)


Header - Swinging Big

The biggest attacks Kayo has access to are red Wrecker Romp and Swing Big. Doubling these from eight to 16 could often be enough to knock your opponent out and they’re a perfect reason to save a Ready to Roll in Arsenal to maximize the odds of hitting that double up. Other attacks like Cadaverous Contraband and Predatory Assault are great examples of abilities that synergize well with having their power doubled up. 

Wrecker Romp (Red) (Regular)Swing Big (Regular)Cadaverous Contraband (Red) (Regular)Predatory Assault (Red) (Regular)

You are best off focusing on attacks with even numbers as their power, mainly eight and six, because odd numbers get rounded down. Attack action cards coming in for seven go to three, making them feel underwhelming in case of a bad roll. 


Header - Getting 'Em Low

Swinging in for 16 feels a lot more amazing when your opponent is on five than when they’re on 15. How can you get them lower life to make our high rolls impactful? Kayo’s signature weapon, Mandible Claw, can help. The Claws pair well with cards that have go again and self discard. Cards like Pulping and Wild Ride are some of my favorites because not only can they high roll, but they give your Mandible Claws go again as well. Attacking with Mandible Claws, with some cards to spare, can make it tricky for your opponent to decide whether to defend or take the damage. What if you follow up with a high-rolled attack? Another card that shines with Mandible Claws is Bloodrush Bellow. It powers up both Claws and can even make a low-rolled attack threaten some damage. A six-powered attack that goes down to three will still get the +2 power from Bloodrush Bellow and come in for respectable five.

Pulping (Red) (Regular)Wild Ride (Red) (Regular)Bloodrush Bellow (Regular)


Header - Controlling the Pace

Finding ways to push through damage, while setting up a big, doubled up attack, can be done by playing a more defensive game plan. Romping Club provides a great damage output for a single pitched card. By attacking for four, you can slowly chip damage and get your opponent in the danger zone. 

Sink Below (Red) (Regular)Romping Club // Seismic Surge (Regular)Springboard Somersault (Regular)

Using cards like Sink Below and Springboard Somersault help stop opposing attacks. Once you have a Ready to Roll in Arsenal, you can throw out a Swing Big or a red Wrecker Romp and hopefully finish off your opponent, using Gambler’s Gloves as back up. 

Whether you go for a high roll, maximum damage build or try to mitigate your odds, Kayo is a blast to play. No game feels the same and you will be on the edge of your seat each time you roll the dice. Kayo’s unpredictability makes him a great hero to start off your journey into the world of Flesh and Blood, as it does not matter who you’re up against – getting that five or a six on the die roll is sure to intimidate your opponent. 

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