An Introduction to Dorinthea Ironsong

Dorinthea Ironsong, also known as “Dori” or “Thea,” is one of the original heroes, making her debut in the first set of the game, Welcome to Rathe. Dorinthea is the first Warrior hero in Flesh and Blood. As the official blurb suggests, in her gameplay and lore, her weapon, Dawnblade, is her primary tool in battle:


“Thea is a formidable opponent on the battlefield, a prodigy swordswoman who uses both skill and strategy to her advantage. Wielding the Dawnblade, she is graceful and nimble, darting past her opponent’s defenses to make every attack count.”

Dawnblade (Regular)

Dawnblade is a powerful weapon with a unique ability of getting stronger the more it hits your opponent. By making sure the weapon connects twice in a row, it can generate a somewhat permanent advantage in form of a +1 power counter. When left unchecked by your opponent, this can quickly spiral out of control. 

The reason why Dorinthea and Dawnblade synergize so well is because Dorinthea’s hero ability allows her to strike with her weapon an additional time, which lets Dawnblade strike multiple times to fulfill its ability. 

Dorinthea Ironsong (Regular)Dawnblade (Regular)

This synergy is at the core of Dorinthea’s game plan. There are two main ways in getting those counters on Dawnblade. First, you need to get the Dawnblade to hit. Second, you need the action points to be able to attack again. There are two types of cards that help with enabling Dawnblade to hit and give you those action points – non-attack actions and attack reactions – these make the core of the Warrior card pool. 

Sharpen Steel (Red) (Regular)Ironsong Response (Red) (Regular)



Header - Non-Attack Actions

Most of the Warrior non-attack action cards help you to power up your weapon attacks through boosting their power, making them more evasive and granting those extra action points. A great example of a Warrior non-attack action is Warrior’s Valor.

Warrior's Valor (Red) (Regular)

The card powers up your weapon attack, while also threatening giving your weapon “go again.” This fits perfectly with Dawnblade’s ability and Dorinthea’s hero ability. With the single card, you can threaten to give that Dawnblade a +1 power counter. Some non-attack actions help to make your weapons evasive, some give power on hit triggers.

Ironsong Determination (Regular)Steelblade Supremacy (Regular)Hit and Run (Blue) (Regular)

Non-attack actions make your weapon attacks more threatening, often putting your opponent in a position where they need to defend. Forcing blocks is crucial for the second type of Warrior cards – Attack Reactions.


Header - Attack Reactions

Attack reactions help your weapon to connect. The reprise mechanic present in Warrior attack reactions is a reflection of close combat:

“Reprise is an effect that is turned on when the opponent defends with a card from their hand, capturing the concept of the warrior being engaged. The word reprise is inspired by the fencing maneuver to strike again immediately after being defended, and an ode to Thea’s “Ironsong” heritage, being the repetitive song of a blacksmith; metal striking metal.”

Often, the reprise mechanic has advantageous benefits that help you with the Dawnblade game plan:

Glint the Quicksilver (Regular)Out for Blood (Red) (Regular)Rout (Regular)

Glint the Quicksilver is a perfect example of a card that lets you continue attacking and pressuring your opponent with Dawnblade. If your opponent defends, you not only gain the action point needed to attack again, but you also draw a card to fuel your hand and continue finding ways for the Dawnblade to hit. Out for Blood is another attack reaction card that pushes through damage and benefits you if your opponent defended your weapon attack.

Attack reactions are quite unique to the Warrior class, being at the center of Dorinthea’s game plan, the class boasts more attack reactions than any other class in the game. This often puts your opponent in a tricky spot, as they try to decipher what attack reactions you have as they decide what to defend with.


Header - Alternative Strategies

While Dorinthea is a weapon-centric hero, she has other weapons to center her game plan around. She can use Cintari Sabers and Hatchets to base her strategy on:

Cintari Saber (Regular)Hatchet of Mind (Regular)Hatchet of Body (Regular)

Each weapon choice provides a whole new direction for how Dorinthea can be built. Cintari Sabers are one-handed sword weapons, meaning you can utilize cards like Courage of Bladehold and Twinning Blade. The Hatchets count as axes, making cards like Spill Blood a great build-around option. Both sets of one-handed weapons synergize well with Valiant Dynamo, as it’s easier to get multiple attacks in a turn with the one-handed weapons. 

Courage of Bladehold (Regular)Spill Blood (Regular)Valiant Dynamo (Rainbow Foil)

However you decide to play Dorinthea, she’s a powerful hero with many tricks up her sleeve. She can strike fear into your opponents with your weapon and force defense with non-attack actions while pushing hits through with the reprise induced attack reactions. In no time, your blade will be feared in your local Armory events. 

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