An Introduction to Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire

Mischievous, brilliant and energetic, Dash has a natural affinity for technology. Growing up in a well-off family with a strong connection to the Teklo corp, she has been using her talents to infiltrate the exact same company her parents have given her lives working for. There’s something fishy going on with Teklo’s dealings and Dash is dead set on figuring out what that is.

“Stubborn and rebellious, Dash’s energetic nature often gets her into trouble. Once she has an idea, it’s nigh impossible to dissuade her. And even though the Teklo name has allowed her to follow her whims, she despises the rigid dullness of Metrix’s upper class, and would do anything to avoid becoming just like them.”

Dash, Inventor Extraordinaire (Regular)Teklo Plasma Pistol (Regular)

Technology and correct itemization are the core of how Dash approaches combat. By having access to a growing number of trinkets and gadgets, she is able to start the game with an item that helps her defeat a particular opponent or build a strategy around. Her hero ability gives her the ultimate toolbox to fight off a range of enemies. 

Induction Chamber (Regular)Teklo Core (Regular)Signal Jammer (Regular)

Induction Chamber pairs up very nicely with Dash’s Teklo Plasma Pistol. Being able to shoot it twice for a couple of resource points helps you threaten multiple instances of attacks, without losing any cards from your deck. This is especially important because of the boost mechanic, which makes you prone to fatiguing. Teklo Core is a great starting item when you want to finish the game in a timely manner. Two sets of two resource points can give you a huge tempo advantage, but it is gone after those two initial turns. Signal Jammer is an example of a matchup-dependent starting item. It serves a specific role of stopping players from playing out multiple non-attack actions in a turn. This is especially strong against an opponent like Kano, who loves to chain multiple non-attacks together. 



Header - Gotta Go Fast!

Dash loves to spit out a ton of attacks in a single turn. This is where boost comes in. Boost in the signature Mechanologist mechanic that relies on banishing the top cards of your deck to “boost” them; ie. power them up to give them go again.

Zipper Hit (Red) (Regular)Zero to Sixty (Red) (Regular)Maximum Velocity (Regular)

It’s a really useful effect when you want to attack multiple times in a turn, but don’t be too trigger happy on this one, as it does mean you can run out of the cards in your deck!

The boost mechanic requires Mechanologist cards to fuel your Mechanologist attacks. This creates a deck building constraint for you. The more you’d like to boost, the more Mechanologist cards you should run, because hitting a non-Mechanologist card with boost means your turn can come to a sudden halt. The more generics you run, the riskier boosting is. This is why it’s a good idea to track the generics you have played out. The more are played, the less you have in your deck, therefore the smaller the chance of hitting boost with them.

High Octane (Regular)Pour the Mold (Red) (Regular)Overblast (Red) (Regular)

Boosting has its own synergies. Many Mechanologist cards have additional effects that switch on after you have boosted. Once the steam is rolling, the benefits keep coming! Cards like High Octane really reward you for getting in as many boosts in as possible. Getting additional action points from the boosts fuels up your Pistol shots, as you can shoot the Teklo Pistol as many times as you want, as long as you have the action points available. 

Dashes specialization – Spark of Genius –  is not only a great tutor card, but in the right boost deck, it replaces itself with a built in card draw. This further reflects Dash as a toolkit hero – you have access to the right items at the right time.


Header - Assembling Items

Induction Chamber (Regular)Plasma Purifier (Regular)Spark of Genius (Regular)

Dash has an interesting dilemma when it comes to the boost attacks. Pressuring your opponent with a bunch of these can be a good way to end the game quickly, as the aggression can be hard to deal with. However, you’re putting yourself on a clock as well. A few boosts too many might mean you won’t have enough cards to finish off the game. This is why the Induction Chamber is so useful. If you get multiples out and pair them up with a couple of Plasma Purifiers, you won’t need many cards to finish the game, as you can pressure your opponent’s life total without boosting or using up cards. Induction Chamber is a great insurance during the late game, when your cards in deck are dwindling This combination of items creates a powerful damage engine, which can be assembled with extra speed using cards like Spark of Genius. Not only is this card great at helping you find those unique items that you need for a particular matchup or particular game state, it also acts as a means of assembling Induction Chambers. 

If technological gadgets, wires and buttons are your thing, Dash is your gal. Outwitting your opponent with clever inventions, while pounding them down with boosted attacks is Dash’s specialty. As the number of Mechanologist Items continues to expand, Dash will get more and more choice when it comes to her starting Item in play and therefore the different strategies available to her. If aggressive playstyle and setting up powerful items sounds like you, definitely give this cheeky Mechanologist a crack. 

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