An Introduction to Bravo, Showstopper

Bravo oozes charisma, self-confidence and charm. This outgoing hunk of a man is known for travelling from village to village in the land of Aria showcasing his talents on the stage to the awe and delight of his audiences. Don’t be fooled by his easy going ways, however, as this man’s prime asset is his raw strength. Being a Guardian hero, Bravo has the strongest attacks in the game. Period. Combine it with a big hammer and you have got yourself a recipe for shattered bones and crushed skulls of enemies that stand in his path or threaten his people. Bravo is one of the heroes released in the very first set of Flesh and Blood – Welcome to Rathe

Bravo, Showstopper // Dawnblade (Regular)

“The star of the Everfest Carnival, leader of the Legendarium, performing stories and legends for cheering crowds. Bravo grew up listening to the tales of old, fascinated by past heroes and adventurers. When his destiny came knocking, with a curious quest and mysterious companions, Bravo jumped at the chance to become a true hero. Now, he has embraced the legend of the Guardians, and is ready to write his own story.”



Header - Unmatched Strength

Bravo has attacks like no other. Whether it’s the attack cards with powerful crush effects or a mighty swing of the hammer, the power of these is simply not matched by any other hero. This is why while other heroes fire off multiple attacks in a turn, Bravo focuses his attention to that one crushing blow to take his foes’ lights out.

Disable (Red) (Regular)Crush Confidence (Red) (Regular)

The crush mechanic helps to inflict a crippling on-hit effect on your enemies, taking them aback and foiling their own plans of attack, thus allowing you to continue to pummel them over and over again. This is where Bravo shines. By chaining these detrimental hits over and over, you are giving yourself a window to maintain cards in hand to continue the attacks. Whether your opponent defends or takes the hit and gets crushed, their turn is sure to be hindered. 


Header - Power of the Flow

Being a Guardian and being bestowed with the magical powers of the Flow, gives Bravo access to auras that help to channel energies forward and set up the huge blows for the following turn.

Emerging Power (Red) (Regular)Towering Titan (Red) (Regular)

These cards synergize nicely with the crushing Guardian attacks, allowing Bravo to punch through even the toughest defenses. 

Blessing of Deliverance (Red) (Regular)Stonewall Confidence (Blue) (Regular)

Other auras such as Blessing of Deliverance and Stonewall Confidence are great utility cards that help you survive your opponent’s onslaught to continue putting pressure with crush attacks on your turn. Guardian attacks are big, but also costly. Often, you will need to take a turn to just set up, wind up that big blow and wait until the next turn for ultimate damage.


Header - Dominate

The main unique feature of Bravo compared to the other Guardian heroes is the ease at which he can dominate his attacks.

Bravo // Bravo, Showstopper (Regular)

Bravo’s hero ability allows him to push his big attacks across the line and makes it much harder for your opponent to stop those hindering crush effects. This ability, as useful as it is throughout the game, is especially deadly in the later stages of the game, when your opponent is low on life. One big dominated blow is often how Bravo likes to finish his opponents off.


Header - Hammer Swings

Anothos (Regular)

Anothos is Bravo’s trusty hammer. It is a great option for setting up big turns and still pressuring your opponent, or simply going for a hammer swing strategy, where repeated swings keep on stripping your opponent’s cards, making them prone to fatigue themselves. Most of the big crush attacks require a lot of resources, often needing three or four cards to actually pull off. Anothos fills that sweet spot of being a strong attack that requires only one or two cards to power up. This is a great option if you needed to defend last turn and want to arsenal a big attack, but still pressure your opponent somehow. 

Staunch Response (Red) (Regular)Unmovable (Blue) (Regular)

Anothos also gives you a fatigue game plan. A fatigue strategy means targeting the cards in the opponent’s deck as a primary win condition, rather than their life total. If you defend well and still manage to throw hammer swings at your opponent, eventually they will start running out of life or cards in deck. If you’re coming in for six with the weapon and they’re using two cards to defend the attack, it might not seem like much has changed, but they have lost two cards and you have lost none. Do this over 10 turns and your opponent is sure to run out of cards in their deck.

If you like big, chonky attacks, Bravo is your man. With strong crush attacks that are the biggest in the game and easy access to dominate backed with the magical powers of the flow, he is a great all round hero. Big attacks give him strong offensive capabilities, the Guardian defense reactions and big hammer hits are great for a defensive playstyle and auras serve as interesting toolbox options to set up big turns and protect your hero from certain strategies. If you play Bravo, you will crush your enemies with style. 

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