Modern Jund Sagavan – Deep Dive

Mengu’s diving deep into “Zoomer Jund,” aka Jund Sagavan, the latest iteration of one of Modern’s most iconic midrange strategies!


Modern UW SagaBlade – Deck Guide

Evart’s been loving the Modern Stoneblade archetype, and he’s expanding on it with his latest take on an Azorius brew with UW SagaBlade!

Modern UW Stoneblade – Deck Guide

Evart’s revisiting one of his favorite archetypes with UW Stoneblade, using Esper Sentinel and Stoneforge Mystic to tackle the Modern meta!

Modern Jeskai Phoenix – Deck Guide

Phoenix in Modern has been looking for a Faithless Looting alternative for years, but Midnight Hunt may have provided the perfect solution!

Modern Blue Moon – Deck Guide

LSV’s diving into everything Counterspell in Modern, this time with Blue Moon locking out opponents with Blood Moon and Chalice of the Void!

Modern Jeskai Prowess – Deck Guide

Mengu’s helped tune Prowess for the new metagame, creating a Jeskai Prowess list with Rip Apart, Lurrus and Path to Exile to be competitive!


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