Playing Commander from the comfort of your own home with people from all around the world and supporting charity at the same time sounds like a dream – and it’s coming true with the return of CommandFest Online! This time around it’s a two day event, and just like last time, it’ll feature coverage, panels, and an awesome Discord bot that will match you with like-minded opponents!

Event Times and Information:

November 28th: 9AM – 9PM PST (UTC-8)
November 29th: 9AM – 6PM PST (UTC-8)

Games will be played via SpellTable.
Matching will be done in the ChannelFireball Discord Server.

For more information about setting up and joining games, check out the Fact Sheet!

Commander Legends Sealed Event

No Commander? No Problem! To celebrate the launch of Commander Legends we will be running Commander Legends Sealed matches all weekend – just make sure to grab six packs from your local game store before the event!

Local Game Stores!

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CommandFest 3 Schedule

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