Playing Commander from the comfort of your own home with people from all around the world and supporting charity at the same time sounds like a dream – and it’s coming true with the return of CommandFest Online! This time around it’s a two day event, and just like last time, it’ll feature coverage, panels, and an awesome Discord bot that will match you with like-minded opponents!

Event Times and Information:

August 22nd: 9AM – 9PM PDT (UTC -7)
August 23rd: 9AM – 6PM PDT (UTC-7)

Games will be played via SpellTable.
Matching will be done in the ChannelFireball Discord Server.

For more information about setting up your webcam, joining games, and scoring, check out the CommandFest Online Fact Sheet!

All donations from CommandFest 2 go directly to the NAACP LDF.
A suggested donation of $5 is encouraged for all participants.
No entry fee is required.

The show begins with a Special Panel hosted by Gavin Verhey!​

Saturday, August 22nd
All times Pacific (UTC -7). Timings subject to change based on game length.
10:00 AMStream Begins
10:10 AMThe Future of Commander with Jules Robins, Ari Nieh, and moderator Gavin Verhey
11:35 AMMatch #1 featuring Spice8Rack, Merchant, NissaCosplay, and Riley Knight
12:30 PMMatch #2 featuring TappyToeClaws, Zbexx, Ashlen Rose, and Dana Fischer
2:00 PMMatch #3 featuring Patrick Marlett, Taalia Vess, Alex Kessler, and ManaCurves
3:30 PMMatch #4 featuring Graham Stark, Zuby, Olivia Gobert-Hicks, and Erin Campbell
4:30 PMMatch #5 featuring Charlotte Sable, Shivam Bhatt, Jim LaPage, and Bennie Smith
6:00 PMCommander Advisory Group Panel
Sunday, August 23nd
All times Pacific (UTC -7). Timings subject to change based on game length.
10:00 AMStream Begins
10:10 AMMatch #1 featuring AliasV, DeQuan Watson, Gavin Duggan, and Lee Livingston
11:35 AMCommander Rules Committee Panel
12:30 PMMatch #2 featuring Sheldon Menery, Kristen Gregory, Scott Larabee, and Tomer Abramovici
2:00 PMMatch #3 featuring The Asian Avenger, Jeremy Noell, Toby Elliott, and EllieoftheVeil
3:30 PMPanel: How to Introduce New Players with Alex Kessler
4:30 PMMatch #4 featuring Kyle Hill, Gavin Verhey, Amazonian, and David McDarby
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