Is Pyroblast the Answer?

The last two years of card printings have led to the “F.I.R.E” philosophy coming under heavy scrutiny. Card design has skewed toward an emphasis on

Making the Most of Multiple Mulligans

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Cheap Tricks: $45 Naya Landfall

This week on Cheap Tricks Riley Knight is taking a look at a $45 Naya Landfall deck! Join him as he plays on MTG Magic Arena.

Modern Power Rankings – 11/24/2020

Welcome to the Modern Power Rankings. This is a list of top Modern decks, which we will maintain and periodically update here on Channelfireball.com. The

Deck Highlight: Modern Dimir Control

Jace, the Mind Sculptor is known for being better than all and sometimes I feel like people forget about that in Modern. Today, I’ve got

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