Standard Power Rankings – Week of 9/14/2020

The Final Power Rankings before Rotation!

Tier 1

1. Sultai

Sultai will finish the rotation as the top deck in Standard.  After the most recent set of bannings, thanks to Uro, Sultai has become the clear best deck and the stand alone deck to beat.  There is a big gap between #1 and #2 here.  Sultai will lose Hydroid Krasis and Nissa, Who Shakes the World, but Uro is still around, so it remains to be seen which decks will compete for the top slot.

2. Mono Red

Mono Red is always a great deck.  While one of the best creatures, in Runaway Steam-Kin is no ore, Embercleave is still around. As long as Embercleave is legal, Embercleave decks should be some of the more powerful aggressive strategies.

3. Mono Green

It looks to me like Mono Green still has changes to be a contender after rotation.  There are still some cards rotating out such as Pelt Collector, but many of the card are sticking around; Notably Questing Beast, Scavenging Ooze, and Stonecoil Serpent.

4. Temur Clover

This deck is almost untouched going into rotation.  The mana does get worse without shocklands but most of the cards are from Eldraine and they are not rotating.  I would expect this to be one of the better decks to start the format, as it was to end this one.

5. Rakdos Sacrifice

A lot of the gold cards come from the Ravnica sets, and in this case also Mayhem Devil, the best card in the deck is gone.  While Rakdos is and has been a popular two color pair, there may still be a Rakdos deck or a Rakdos aggro deck, but it won’t look too much like the decks that are around now.

Tier 2 and beyond

6. Mono Black Aggro

The third best aggro deck.  Plenty of stuff is rotating here, but all mono colored aggressive decks will be tried.  I would think Red and Green will still be better, but we’ll see.

7. Azorius Control

Shatter the Sky sticks around so we know the baseline of a good control deck will still be there.  Typically some amount of counters and other tools will still exist.  It’s unclear if Azorius Control will be good after rotation, frankly it isn’t that good now, so we’ll have to see.

8. Izzet Aggro

This deck had a flash in the pan and then only did okay for the rest of the format. Dreadhorde Arcanist is leaving, but a lot of cards are sticking around.  Maybe some similar spells type deck will exist with some of the new cards, but largely will depend on how good the other decks in the metagame are.

9. Temur Elementals

This was a cool deck that had some decent results, but without Risen Reef, Cavalier of Thorns and Omnath, there’s just no deck.

10. Simic Flash

Goodbye Nightpack Ambusher, goodbye Simic Flash.


Ill be back in the not too distant future with post rotation power rankings!!!!  What will start at #1?s


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