Why You Should Try D-Spirits

I’ve found a lot to love about D-Spirits the more I’ve gotten to play with the cards. From the excitement of cracking open packs filled with cartoonishly fun creatures to the edge-of-your-seat gameplay of choosing which of your decks to pull cards from, D-Spirits does a lot of things differently in the world of TCGs. But don’t just take my word for it, here are just a few of the most charming aspects of D-Spirits.

Singleton in Spirit

One of the two decks in D-Spirits is the D-Squad deck, which is filled with 15-20 of your favorite D-Spirits. These creatures all feature colorful art that is beyond charming, and that unique charm is backed up by gameplay restrictions. The D-Squad deck only allows single copies of any given, named spirit, so every game plays out differently due to this extra variance. Fans of Magic: The Gathering singleton formats, like Commander, should strongly consider giving D-spirits a try as it replicates that exciting variance perfectly. 

Choice Tension

D-Spirits uses two main decks, and with those two decks the game suddenly gains a lot of choices. Any time you would draw a card you must make a choice between these two decks to draw from. Do you have enough D-Spirits in hand to maintain your defenses? Do you need a buff or other effect that can be found in your support deck? Do you go for the safe pick of drawing into another D-Spirit or hope to get the removal you need? These and many more questions factor into every single draw.

Refreshing Visuals

Past the gameplay, it’s refreshing to see a TCG that doesn’t take itself too seriously. From Yugioh to Flesh and Blood, the artistic direction of most recent set releases have been fairly serious- filled with powerful-looking monsters and grimdark heroes. D-Spirits steps about as far away from that as possible, embracing a cartoonish aesthetic that really can’t be beat. If you’re tired of towering mecha and monsters and would rather try doing battle with an animated butt, D-Spirits has what you’re looking for. 

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