What To Expect from FAB Uprising

Flesh and Blood: Uprising is a standalone booster set that fleshes out the civil war taking place in their current world building. It is designed for booster drafts, sealed play and constructed decks. The new set features unique designs that players are bound to love, plus a new set of collector’s pieces that both look great and serve as stellar game pieces: Marvels.

A Marvel to Behold

While FAB is already well known for its beautiful foils (especially cold foils) and eye-catching art treatments, they pale in comparison to the new Marvels. These new cards feature borderless art with new frames around the card text itself, highlighting every facet of the card in such a way to really make it pop. This treatment can be found on some of the best cards in the set, including the newest dragons that empower the imperial side of the civil war.

Draconic Invocations

Dragons are not the easiest entities to bring under your sway, as shown by the invocation cards that are often legendary (limiting how many you can run), and require expending resources to create their requisite ash tokens. Dromai, Ash Artist specializes in making these tokens, and is definitely going to be worth building around. Of the dragons she can summon, Tomeltai is particularly exciting, with its raw power combined with the ability to crush opposing equipment, though every one of Dromai’s draconic illusions is looking to be worth the hype.

Set Info

Name: Uprising

Release Date: June 24, 2022

Products: Draft Boosters, Two 40-Card Constructed Blitz Decks

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