What is Strixhaven: School of Mages?

Strixhaven: School of Mages is the 87th Magic expansion. It has 275 cards, legal across all Magic formats.

Strixhaven is set on the plane of Arcavios and follows the titular mage school, riffing on similar “mage school” fiction. As such, the school is divided into five different colleges, corresponding with the enemy color pairs: Silverqull (WB), Prismari (UR), Witherbloom (BG), Lorehold (WR) and Quandrix (UG).

All the different colleges have unique personalities and characteristics. Silverquill mages fight with words, Prismari students study expressive art and theater, Witherbloom mages obsess over life and death, Lorehold disciples study and invoke history and Quandrix mathematicians focus on math and evenness.


Shadrix SilverquillGalazeth PrismariBeledros WitherbloomVelomachus LoreholdTanazir Quandrix


Each college is headed by an Elder Dragon that bears the college’s name. Additionally, each color has a legendary student with a legendary card, such as Killian, Ink Duelist and Rootha, Mercurial Artist.


Mascot ExhibitionIgneous InspirationSedgemoor Witch

The most notable mechanic is Lessons and learn cards. Lessons, such as Mascot Exhibition, can be “tutored” outside the game by learn cards, such as Igneous Inspiration. A new keyword, magecraft, was also added with Strixhaven, which triggers off each instant or sorcery cast or copied, with Strixhaven being heavily focused on instants and sorceries. Additionally, ward, a mechanic similar to the ability of Frost Titan, counters any opposing spell or ability targeting a card with ward unless the opponent pays the ward cost.


Demonic TutorNatural OrderTainted Pact

Strixhaven also has the Mystical Archives, a selection of powerful instants and sorceries from throughout Magic’s history. These come with uniquely styled art and frames and include powerful spells like Demonic Tutor, Natural Order and Tainted Pact. Additionally, these cards have unique Japanese language variants with traditional Japanese-styled art. Japanese versions are available in collector’s boosters exclusively, whereas every draft or set booster is guaranteed at least one standard Mystical Archive card.

Strixhaven has a familiar palette of sealed product options, with draft boosters, set boosters and collector’s boosters all available. The set was also released alongside Commander 2021, a standalone set of sealed Commander decks focused on Strixhaven mechanics and flavor.

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