What is Innistrad: Midnight Hunt?

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is the 89th Magic expansion and the sixth set to take place on the plane of Innistrad. It features 277 cards and was released on September 24, 2021. Like Innistrad sets of the past, Midnight Hunt is heavily themed around classic horror elements, with an array of werewolves, zombies and vampires all making prominent appearances.


Midnight Hunt features several different mechanics, both new and old. For new mechanics, coven, disturb and decay serve as prominent headliners. Coven, which is exclusively in the green-white Human-focused color pair, requires you to have three or more creatures with different powers to gain a bonus. Disturb serves as a sort of “creature flashback,” allowing creatures to be cast from the graveyard flipped, often as a Spirit. Decayed is able to deploy a large amount of Zombie tokens easily, but with the caveat that they can’t block and must be sacrificed after attacking.


Werewolves also make a return, albeit with a new daybound/nightbound mechanic to simplify (and amplify) their abilities. Daybound and nightbound are now an overarching state of the game, with players able to transition between the two by the active player having to cast no spells to go to night or cast two spells to return to day. Additionally, nightbound cards will now enter the battlefield already flipped. Flashback returns as well from the original Innistrad block, and investigate makes an appearance from the Shadows over Innistrad block.


Several cards from Midnight Hunt have helped make an impact on Magic as well, with the set entering Standard as Throne of Eldraine rotated. Wrenn and Seven, the latest iteration of the popular Modern Horizons planeswalker Wrenn and Six, combines perfectly with Esika’s Chariot to make a large board of Treefolk tokens with a planeswalker to boot. The Meathook Massacre is one of the most sought-after cards, with its ability to wrath the board and leave its controller with a powerful Blood Artist-style effect being very relevant. Finally, Lier, Disciple of the Drowned helped Gabriel Nassif and his team in Worlds, combining with cheap interaction and Alrund’s Epiphany to stack turns on top of each other.


Two different showcase variants are also available in booster packs, Set Boosters and Collector’s Boosters. The “equinox” showcase frame highlights the Werewolves and Warlocks of Midnight Hunt, as well as the planeswalking Werewolf Arlinn, the Pack’s Hope. On the other hand, “eternal night” frames are styled in black-and-white in an ode to classic horror films and include every legendary creature that isn’t a Werewolf or Warlock.


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