What is Core Set 2021?

Core Set 2021 is the 20th Core Magic set, released on July 3, 2020. As a Core Set, there are no new mechanics printed, but there are a number of notable reprints. Additionally, like Core Set 2020Core 21 is themed around a specific planeswalker – Teferi, this time – with several cards referencing him.


Ugin, the Spirit DragonAzusa, Lost but SeekingMassacre WurmBaneslayer Angel

Core Set 2021 features several prominent cards from throughout Magic’s history. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon has been a popular presence since his original printing in Fate Reforged. Azusa, Lost but Seeking has seen some time in Modern as a replacement of Summer Bloom. Otherwise, Massacre Wurm and Baneslayer Angel both have a pedigree as powerful cards in their own right.


Teferi, Master of TimeTeferi, Master of Time (Showcase)Teferi, Master of Time (Borderless)

The headliner, of course, is Teferi, who got a brand-new card in Teferi, Master of Time. As Core 2021 comes in both Set Boosters and Collector’s Boosters, Teferi received several different treatments, such as original, showcase (which is featured for all planeswalker-aligned cards) and borderless. Between promo packs, boosters and pre-release kits, Teferi has approximately 17 different versions available in paper.


Liliana, Waker of the Dead (Showcase)Garruk, Unleashed (Showcase)Liliana's Standard Bearer (Showcase)Garruk's Harbinger (Showcase)

The showcase frame wasn’t exclusive to Teferi either. All planeswalkers received the alternate frame as well. Additionally, a cycle of cards, from rare all the way to common, featured each planeswalker’s influence and the same showcase frame, such as Basri’s Lieutenant, Teferi’s Tutelage and Garruk’s Gorehorn. These are available in both regular boosters, Set Boosters and Collector’s Boosters.


Elder GargarothStormwing EntityTerror of the PeaksMazemind Tome

Core Set 2021 also has several original, new cards that have made an impact in Standard and beyond. Elder Gargaroth helped Standard decks stabilize against aggro and hold back Goldspan Dragon, while Stormwing Entity became a cheap but powerful effect for Modern Prowess. Terror of the Peaks has shined as a Commander staple and even seen play in Historic Dragonstorm lists while Mazemind Tome was a premiere source of card advantage alongside Yorion, Sky Nomad in Standard.


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