Top 10 Most Valuable Cards of Modern Horizons 2

Modern Horizons 2 is almost like its own Masters set, chocked full of powerful, unique and expensive cards. With so many cards, new and old, coming out, what are the best ones to buy, sell and speculate on? Let’s take a look at the most valuable cards of Modern Horizons 2!



10. Garth One-Eyed


Garth was printed with Commander in mind – Wizards even said so in their preview article – and he’s a sweet throwback to days of Magic yonder. Being able to create some of the most powerful spells in Magic’s first years, including the ever-iconic Black Lotus, makes him a one-of-a-kind Commander and a must-play for dedicated Vorthos nerds. However, the biggest challenge might be getting some Black Lotus tokens to use…


9. Grist, the Hunger Tide


Grist is another card from Modern Horizons 2 that really pushes Magic’s design space. This collection of “insects in a trenchcoat” is uniquely a creature everywhere except for the battlefield, leading to some serious shenanigans. Grist can’t be hit with Duress, can be returned with Unearth or Kolaghan’s Command or even snuck into play off Collected Company. The abilities are nothing to scoff at either, and with a plethora of ways to use the creature clause in Modern, expect this card to make some guest appearances in Jund and beyond.


8. The Fetchlands

As the first spoiler from Modern Horizons 2, it’s no surprise that these are still some of the most valuable cards in the set. If you’re looking to pick some up for play, now’s the time. We’ve traditionally seen them dip in price when they’re reprinted, only to regain their value in a year or so. 


7. Ignoble Hierarch


The “Junderarch” is one of the most anticipated cards from Modern Horizons 2, helping accelerate classic Jund decks and provide even more power to Death’s Shadow in Modern. Who would’ve thought that swapping two colors on Noble Hierarch would make a world of difference? Well, WotC most likely.


6. Chatterfang, Squirrel General


Krosan Beast enthusiasts rejoice, your Commander is finally here! Squirrels are a rather pushed archetype in Modern Horizons 2, and Chatterfang is a worthy leader to usher them into battle. Acting as a sort of Doubling Season for your Squirrel tokens, Chatterfang can randomly clock green decks with forestwalk and convert your Squirrels into removal makes Chatterfang a rather strong tribal payoff. Niche tribal Commanders are always fun and everyone loves Squirrels, so it’s hard to see a mythic Squirrel commander stray too far away in price.


5. Sword of Hearth and Home


While there’s still a few Swords left in the “Sword of X and Y” cycle left, Hearth and Home presents some incredibly strong abilities. Sword of the Animist is already a popular card in Commander, and this offers a similar ability with a ton of upside for only one more mana. In particular, being able to fetch this off Stoneforge Mystic, only to blink the Mystic later with its ability, can create some powerful, snowballing advantage.


4. Grief


Grief was one of the earliest cards and one that brewers had begun trying to crack as soon as possible. Notably, combining Grief with a card like Ephemerate can strip the opponent’s hand and leave you with a nice threat that, odds are, they won’t be able to deal with. Some of the other evoke creatures in this cycle, notably Solitude and one we’ll see later, are also worth getting in on the ground floor of.


3. Cabal Coffers

Cabal Coffers


Cabal Coffers is the third most valuable card in the set, but it’s still come down significantly from what it was originally. Still, this card is the quintessential card for mono-black Commander decks, generating insane amounts of mana just by looking at it. Now’s the best chance to pick one up if your black Commander deck needed that little bit extra oomph.


2. Subtlety


Subtlety is anything but subtle, overtaking Grief as the most valuable card from the evoke cycle in the set. It may not have as much crazy turn one action as Grief does with Ephemerate, but it’s well costed at four mana for a 3/3 flyer with flash, creating some serious blowouts as it Aether Gusts a creature and blocks another one. Expect this card to show up in control decks, able to stop fast combo decks or work as a powerful tempo threat later in the game.


1. Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer


Ragavan is making brewers go bananas, with some of the top minds in the game seeing this as a potential haymaker in both tempo-style Delver-esque decks or raw red aggro decks. Also, this mutinous Monkey is legendary, and will surely attract some Commander players towards him as a one-mana Commander that can quickly ramp and gain card advantage. Sorry, Zurgo Bellstriker, your time has come.



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