Top 10 Most Valuable Cards of Everfest

The latest Flesh & Blood set, Everfest brings a whirlwind of new cards for every hero type in the game. With carnival themes throughout, players should prepare to join the riotous fun. Everfest is coming to town, and fortune awaits those who pull the following cards. Here are the 10 most valuable cards in this mystical Everfest set from Flesh & Blood.  

Note: Ranking is based on the most expensive version of 1st Edition cards from Everfest FAB. This article was last updated on February 21, 2022.

Top 10 Most Powerful Everfest Cards

10. Swarming Gloomveil (Rainbow Foil)

Swarming Gloomveil (Rainbow Foil)

This card has a lot going on. Zero RP to play yet it does three damage. This card is all about the auras that have been created this turn. One or more, this card gains Go Again. Two or more, this attack does an extra two damage. Three or more and the opponent can’t block arcane damage this turn—if this attack hits a hero. Part of the Runeblade class, Swarming Gloomveil has a lot to offer in one free-to-play package.

9. Aether Wildfire (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)

Aether Wildfire (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)

Previous set, Arcane Rising introduced arcane damagewhich requires the defending player to prevent damage or provide an arcane barrier (defense values and Defense Reaction cards don’t work here). As a direct-hit arcane damage dealer, Aether Wildfire takes this potential deck weakness and turns it all the way up. When played on an opponent’s turn, for the rest of that turn, the arcane damage your action cards do is added to the damage Aether Wildfire did the first time – that much damage is done instead. 

8. Knick Knack Bric-a-brac (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)

Knick Knack Bric-a-brac (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)

This card is madness, and it exemplifies the Everfest theme more than nearly any other card in the set. As an additional cost to playing this three RP card, the player can destroy any number of Copper, Silver, or Gold they control. The player then searches their library for a card with Amulet, Potion, or Talisman in its name, then places it into the arena. The beautiful thing is that the player gets to repeat this process for every 4 Copper, 2 Silver, and 1 Gold destroyed this way.

7. Silver Palms (Cold Foil)

Silver Palms (Cold Foil)

Silver Palms only comes in Cold Foil, adding to its overall rarity. An Equipment, this card gives as much as it takes. At the start of every opposing hero’s turn, they get to draw a card if they have less life than you. But if they do, you get to create a Silver token. 

6. Earthlore Bounty (Cold Foil)

Earthlore Bounty (Cold Foil)

This equipment offers a powerful stagnant ability: every time the player draws a card due to an action card’s effect, a Seismic Surge Token is created. With Temper and a defense value of two, Earthlore Bounty is able to both defend and provide an RP for Guardian attacks.  

5. Arcanite Skullcap

Arcanite Skullcap (Regular)

This is a generic (read: can be used with any hero type) Legendary Equipment that provides an Arcane Barrier 3 and additional defense value when an opposing hero has more life. As a Battleworn Equipment with a defense value of one, it provides huge protection – from both potential types of damage. 

4. Pulverize (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)

Pulverize (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)

This card is the epitome of “pulverize.” Its massive RP requirement is hardly offset by its Heave 3 ability. But that doesn’t matter because it swings for 14 damage. Even if only part damage is able to go through, it’s likely to be a lot of it. Plus, Pulverize reduces the opponent’s first attack by four on their next turn. With the proper setup, Pulverize can be a game-ender. 

3. Winds of Eternity (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)

Winds of Eternity (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)

This card is poised to be the last in a long combat chain. The card costs zero RP to play. On its own, this Ninja Attack only deals two damage. But when this card is the last attack on the combat chain, it does an additional two damage. This combo also allows the players to shuffle all cards named Hundred Winds that are on the combat chain back into their deck. Hundred Winds has Go Again, allowing the player to string Ninja Attacks together with Winds of Eternity as the final blow.

2. Stalagmite, Bastion of Isenloft (Cold Foil)

Stalagmite, Bastion of Isenloft (Cold Foil)

This Legendary Equipment has a defense value of two, with Temper. This is important, because when it is used to defend, a Frostbite token is created – under the attacking hero’s control. Whatever the attacking hero plays next, it’s going to cost them an extra RP. 

1. Grandeur of Valahai (Cold Foil)

Grandeur of Valahai (Cold Foil)

By far the most valuable card in Everfest, this is the Fabled card from the set. Directly stated on the card, decks can only include one version of this card. If you’re a MTG player, this feels very much like a FAB Moxen – think Mox Emerald in 2022. It is a Guardian Resource: Gem. This beauty is a RP rock, here only to provide three RP to pitch and an additional RP via Seismic Surge token when you do. What a dream pull. 

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