Top 10 Most Valuable Cards in Welcome to Rathe

It’s been a while since the release of Welcome to Rathe, the first set in Flesh and Blood, and some cards have stood the test of time and become truly iconic. Today, we’re going to count down the top 10 most valuable cards in Welcome to Rathe, and just exactly why they’ve become such hallmarks of the game.


10. Alpha Rampage

Alpha Rampage


Alpha Rampage can be difficult to set up, but if you do, it can pack an amazing punch. Combined with Barraging Beatdown, this has become a major game-ender for Rhinars everywhere, and there’s a good reason they lean on this to wrap up the game.


9. Ancestral Empowerment

Ancestral Empowerment


While it may not seem to be the most exciting card, Ancestral Empowerment has an amazing rate of return. For no cards, resources or actions, it can help get your attacks through and deal just the little bit of extra damage you need throughout the game.


8. Tome of Fyendal

Tome of Fyendal


This should come as no surprise to control aficionados out everywhere. Tome of Fyendal is one of the best control cards available, able to gain you a bunch of life and draw a plethora of cards at a low cost. While it’s not the fastest, as you have to wait an additional turn to get max value, it’s one of the best options out there for control mages everywhere.


7. Heart of Fyendal

Heart of Fyendal


Heart of Fyendal pitches for an insane amount of value, netting you three resource points and a point of health. While it may not defend, these upsides alone make it a worthy include in your deck.


6. Enlightened Strike

Enlightened Strike


Enlightened Strike is a unique mixture of flexibility of power, making it a hard card to pass on for pretty much any hero out there. Don’t leave home without it!


5. Scabskin Leathers

Scabskin Leathers


Scabskin Leathers is worth the value for any lucky players out there – and less valuable to anyone with a distrust for dice. If they dice on your side, this can lead to some absurd turns, but there’s always the risk of occasionally skipping your turn entirely. Live by the Leathers, die by the Leathers!


4. Tectonic Plating

Tectonic Plating


Tectonic Plating protects you well and lets you spend your resources efficiently – by paying a resource point now, you effectively get one in the future, helping you line up your expensive attacks in the right way.


3. Braveforge Bracers

Braveforge Bracers


While Tome of Fyendal is for the control players out there, offensively-minded players are no stranger to Braveforge Bracers. These reward defense and help make Warrior attack scale up nicely, making it a worthwhile inclusion for any Boltyns, Dorintheas or even Kassais out there.


2. Mask of Momentum

Mask of Momentum


Mask of Momentum is a hallmark of Ninja, letting them keep a steady stream of small attacks going over and over. Katsu in particular utilizes the mask exceedingly well, as once he gets going, he’s hard to stop.


1. Fyendal’s Spring Tunic

Fyendal's Spring Tunic


Simply put, Fyendal’s Spring Tunic is one of the most powerful chest pieces in all of Flesh and Blood. While its seen a reprint in Crucible of War, Welcome to Rathe copies are still desired by any hardcore collector or enthusiast. The Tunic rewards you for playing the long game, netting you additional resources over time. For any control player, it’s rather self evident why the Tunic stands proudly at number one.



And there you have it, the most valuable cards in Welcome to Rathe! Anything we missed or anything you think should be ranked higher (or lower)? Let us know in the comments!

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