Top 10 Most Valuable Astral Radiance Cards

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Astral Radiance is packed with unique, powerful cards, many of which are sure to become premium collector’s items. With a variety of secret and alternate art treatments, including 30 cards in the special Trainer’s Gallery subset of cards, Astral Radiance has a lot for anyone who wants to get value out of their packs. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most valuable Astral Radiance cards.



10. Darkrai VSTAR

Darkrai VSTAR (099/189)

A foreboding legendary that has the unique ability to recur item cards makes this a readily recommendable buy. Art that showcases the grim look of this beloved legendary combines solidly with the kind of stats you want to see on your side of the table.

9. Irida (Full Art)

Irida (186/189)

Irida checks all the boxes for a valuable card: it features a beloved character from Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the card itself has a powerful search effect that many decks will enjoy and the full art treatment adds to its overall value as a collector’s item. With all three of these elements combined, Irida is a safe buy that’s perfectly playable. 

8. Garchomp V (Trainer Gallery)

Garchomp V (TG23/TG30)

This powerhouse Pokemon can take Knock Outs easily, making it perfectly representative of its in-game version. With his much-loved trainer, Cynthia, Garchomp was renowned for being able to sweep entire teams in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. This trainer gallery version features both Garchomp and Cynthia, really hitting home with that sense of awe.

7. Beedril V (Alternate Full Art)

Beedrill V (161/189)

Beedril finally gets to shine in this alternative, full art treatment. The daunting swarm rising up over a beautifully depicted field of flowers helps you really feel like you’re in control of an army of stinging Pokemon. This popular Gen 1 Pokemon is definitely worth adding to your collection.

6. Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR (Secret)

Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR (208/189)

Dealing massive damage when benches are stacked, Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR can bring the pain. The secret art treatment highlights the domineering look of this legendary Pokemon, adding a bit of flair to any deck that wants to keep its bench packed and healthy. 

5. Starmie V (Trainer Gallery)

Starmie V (TG13/TG30)

This gorgeous full art treatment features not only this classic Pokemon, but also includes the fan-favorite trainer Misty. Fans of the first generation of Pokemon games often have significant affection for this renowned gym leader who played a significant role in the anime, which means this card is likely to stay in demand with those invested players.

4. Hisuian Sneasler V (Alternate Full Art)

Hisuian Sneasler V (175/189)

Highlighting the Hisuian regional variant of Sneasler, this alternate full art version of the card transports the viewer straight back into Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The athletic, rock climbing Pokemon is seen cresting a cliffside as the sun rises behind it, showing the beauty of the region and the power of the Pokemon itself. Add the cute touch of the waiting family on top of the cliffside and you have the kind of card that collectors are bound to love.

3. Origin Forme Palkia V (Alternate Full Art)

Origin Forme Palkia V (167/189)

The most unique piece of art in the set really stands out on Origin Forme Palkia V. This mind bending piece shows Palkia’s home, the spatial world, where it has full control over the nature of space itself. The ruler of space is on triumphant display, and its strong ability to search up a stadium makes it an excellent build around. 

2. Origin Forme Dialga V (Alternate Full Art)

Origin Forme Dialga V (177/189)

The alternate full art variant of Origin Forme Dialga V features mesmerizing art that shows the passage of time. From swirling clouds to shifting constellations, this Pokemon’s mastery of time is presented perfectly. While the card itself is not as powerful as its VSTAR version, the art shows off the Pokemon’s power while centering on the legendary itself.

1. Machamp V (Alternate Full Art)

Machamp V (172/189)

The Pokemon TCG occasionally gives players a glimpse at the life of Pokémon outside of battles, and Machamp V’s alternate full art is a fun example of exactly this. Machamp strolling through a local shopping district is a sight that many would never expect, but it is beyond charming, making it a great piece for Pokemon art connoisseurs. 


Value in Radiance

Pokemon TCG is well known for providing collectors with a wide range of aesthetically appealing cards, and Astral Radiance is more than par for the course. With many of these beautiful cards also working as effective game pieces, you’ll likely be more than happy with any Astral Radiance acquisitions.

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