Top 10 Cards of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

It feels like Adventures in the Forgotten Realms just came out, but alas, the clock’s already struck 12 for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. This set’s chock full of sweet references to gothic horror, spooky tropes and the plane of Innistrad itself, so without further ado, let’s jump into the top 10 cards of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt!



10. Infernal Grasp


Kicking off our top 10, we have… an uncommon? Despite all the powerful rares and mythics in the set, Infernal Grasp stands out as a premium removal spell, able to remove any creature in any deck that can dabble in black. Two life won’t feel like a great rate on some creatures, but when you’re sniping Goldspan Dragons or Murktide Regents, you’ll feel okay shocking yourself.


9. Spectral Adversary


You could include the rest of the Adversary cycle in this spot, as they all have similar upside. They’ve all got reasonable floors to them as two mana, two power creatures with upside, but once you’re able to pseudo-multikick them, things start to get interesting.

For Spectral Adversary in particular, you can save your own creatures from removal a la Rattlechains or even phase out opposing attackers (or blockers). All this, not even to mention that it’ll get bigger for each time you kick it! All the Adversaries scale with the game and provide incredible value at every point of your curve, which makes them worthy of the list.


8. Rite of Harmony


Just in time for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, we have our first unofficial callback to the original Kamigawa block with Rite of Harmony! This card screams Glimpse of Nature, a card so powerful that it’s banned in Modern and a key piece of Legacy Elves, and while a bit different, Rite of Harmony offers the same effect twice! It’s hard to say if this will be as busted as Glimpse, but there’s a ton of potential here that I hope brewers start exploring.


7. Tovolar, Dire Overlord


Sorry, Ulrich of the Krallenhorde, there’s a real Werewolf commander on the block now. Tovolar is an incredible payoff for sticking with your furry friends and is sure to finally please Werewolf commander enthusiasts everywhere. However, in Standard, Gruul strategies with Esika’s Chariot are sure to be one of the strongest options post-rotation, and swapping the Adventure package for some Werewolves can lead to some explosive draws, especially with Tovolar in the mix!


6. Gisa, Glorious Resurrector


Gisa is a fantastic character in Innistrad, and this card just oozes Gisa. From the amazing art to aggressively costed stats, Gisa is back in peak form. Notably, this iteration of her gives me some Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet vibes as a powerful one-sided sacrifice hoser than nets you a ton of value in return. While decayed isn’t exactly great, you still get all the ETB abilities of your opponent’s creatures and plenty of your own sacrifice fodder to fiddle with. On a four-mana 4/4, where’s the downside here?


5. Moonveil Regent


Fingers crossed for madness in Innistrad: Crimson Vow! Even without it, Moonveil Regent is incredible. To quote Huey Jensen, “Moonveil Regent looks like an absurdly strong card to me. This might seem like a weird comparison, but it actually does look to me like it would play a bit like Experimental Frenzy.” I’m inclined to agree, and even then, this card has a ton of synergy with flashback and other graveyard-based mechanics. Whether you’re going mono-red or some crazy rainbow-flavored shenanigans, this should definitely be on your radar.


4. Lier, Disciple of the Drowned


So, Past in Flames is a great spell and the center of storm decks in almost every format it’s legal in. Now imagine taking that, sticking it on a legendary creature, and also make your spells unable to be countered. That’s Lier for ya! While the “spells can’t be countered” is symmetrical to stop control players from miserably locking you out with counterspells, Lier is an amazing value card that’s sure to have some potential. Is it too much to ask for a High Tide reprint?


3. Wrenn and Seven


Yeah yeah yeah, this should’ve been number seven on the list. Ha ha ha. With all seriousness though, Wrenn and Seven packs a serious punch! Not only does it come with four abilities, the abilities are split between Mulch, a pseudo-Fastbond, making a giant Treefolk to protect Wrenn and Praetor’s Counsel. More importantly, it’s nice to see that Wrenn can be a recurring character instead of relegated to side-set obscurity like Dack Fayden. Unfortunately, he won’t be returning any time soon on account of being dead. Spoiler alert.


2. The Meathook Massacre


Meat’s back on the menu! This card just oozes flavor and functionality, from its incredible name to unique effect. The Meathook Massacre can work as a Black Sun’s Zenith of sorts or can just come down early as a “dies” version of Suture Priest. To quote Huey again, “This is one of the cooler and more interesting cards I’ve seen so far from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. I would venture to guess that it will for sure have a home somewhere, or multiple places, and figuring out where will be pretty fun.”


1. Champion of the Perished


Of course the number one spot goes to Champion of the Perished! First of all, the name. ChannelFireball’s built on puns. The company name itself is a pun and LSV’s our vice president. We’re basically contractually required to highlight every pun in every set. Second of all, this could be the card to make Zombies a widely popular tribe in Constructed. There have always been a ton of powerful Zombies drifting around, from Cryptbreaker to a myriad of lords, but this helps fill out the one-drop slot with an aggressively costed and scaling creature. I have no regrets “championing” this one! Okay, I’ll stop now.



These are our top 10 cards of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt! There were a ton of other close options, so let us know what you thought! What would be your number one, and would it be nearly as punny as ours? Let us know in the comments and remember to visit ChannelFireball.com (and the ChannelFireball Marketplace soon!) for all your spooky Innistrad needs!


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