The Top 10 Cards of Modern Horizons 2

Modern Horizons 2 is absurdly powerful, with a combination of needed reprints and exciting new cards. Some are build-arounds, some slot into existing strategies and others are just puzzles to be solved. Picking the top 10 cards of Modern Horizons 2 then is no easy task. You may disagree with this ranking a lot, but such is the power and complexity of this set. If you do, don’t be afraid to let us know your favorites and why you think they’re the best in Modern Horizons 2.



10. Imperial Recruiter


This looks so unassuming on the surface, but Imperial Recruiter is great for combo decks and fair decks. It’s a tutor for silver bullets and the card that sets you up to go off. Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker has two power. Felidar Guardian has one power. Vizier of Remedies has two power. Yawgmoth, Thran Physician has two power. Shall I go on? This is highly likely to become a format staple, as it’s one of the best 1/1 creatures ever printed.


9. Chatterfang, Squirrel General


Is it the best card in the set? No. Is it a Squirrel you can use as your commander? Absolutely. Sometimes its not about raw power, it’s about giving players what they want, and Chatterfang is a fun, flavorful and genuinely quite powerful card. Flooding the board with Squirrels to then make a giant, unblockable monster is going to be a ton of fun and the addition of black mana gives players a lot of options for building this guy.


8. Counterspell


It’s been talked about for years. Would Counterspell be too good for Modern? Are blue decks unstoppable now? Probably not, but this is an incredible tool for control and tempo strategies. Considering Modern’s best counters all had huge drawbacks or were expensive, a hard counter for just two blue mana is huge for the format. Now they can unban Splinter Twin because there’s a counter to it… that Twin can play. Nevermind.


7. Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar


Can’t pronounce it, but you can certainly play it. It obviously has to go along with its best friend, The Underworld Cookbook, but this two card combo packs a mighty wallop. A 3/3 for one mana in a madness or other discard-themed deck is a decent fail case, but the ability to create Food tokens, return creatures from the graveyard and make creatures hit themselves make this a versatile and very interesting two-card combo. It needs the right shell, but if someone can find it, you’re going to have to learn to say that name.


6. Shardless Agent


It’s hard to know exactly what Shardless Agent can do in Modern. It’s obviously a worthy contender with Bloodbraid Elf as the best cascade creature, but whether it can be as impactful as it is in Legacy remains to be seen. Regardless, the card is extremely powerful and there are plenty of decks that will be happy to use and abuse it – Living End, for one. Cascade is a very strong ability and this can come down on turn two in a Noble Hierarch deck too, so expect to see it in midrange as well as combo decks.


5. Sword of Hearth and Home


This thing is wild. The Selesnya sword finally makes an appearance and it’s absolutely worth the wait. Blinking a creature is a huge value play and getting an untapped land as part of the deal is incredible. All you have to do is deal combat damage. It’s Restoration Angel mixed with Sword of the Animist and if you listen really closely, you can hear the collective cogs turning in the heads of Commander players as they work out the combos this thing enables.


4. The Fetch Lands


You know them, you probably have some of them. Fetches are used in every format they can be played in and absolutely needed a reprint. They allow the smoothing of mana bases, multicolored decks to function and some neat tricks such as fetching up a Dryad Arbor to save your Glistener Elf from Liliana of the Veil. These are absolute staples.


3. Ignoble Hierarch


Jund needed to be faster. It’s strange to think one of the best decks in Modern’s history has fallen behind the curve, but waiting until turn four to play Bloodbraid Elf felt like an eternity against decks such as Izzet Blitz. This card will require some reshuffling of the main deck, but giving Jund a powerful ramp creature with exalted seems more than worth it. We’ve seen how good Noble Hierarch is in Modern, this should be no different.


2. Urza’s Saga


An enchantment land is interesting to begin with. A Saga land even moreso, but that’s only the beginning. By the third turn this is on the battlefield, you can tutor up some incredibly powerful cards. It’s already a clear auto-include for any Commander deck using artifacts, but there’s talk of it showing up in Legacy, Modern and even Vintage, where low-cost, high-power artifacts are commonplace. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before this card is the engine for some sort of combo deck.


1. Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer


In a set full of powerful cards, this humble red one-drop shouldn’t be so good, but look at that text box. This thing does so much. He ramps, he hits early and often and he can steal cards. In Modern and Legacy, formats with a lot of one-drops, that can mean some incredible early game value. Thoughtseize, Brainstorm, Lightning Bolt and more come to mind. Just making the Treasure token when you deal damage is good – stealing something you can play is gravy. This is a must-kill card and if it survives long enough to attack a few times, it’s going to generate too much advantage to keep up with.


Honorable Mentions


Flame Rift gives burn some extra punch. Cursed Totem is an interesting sideboard option. Someone is going to break Grief. They’ll also break Goblin Bombardment in Modern. Vindicate coming to Modern is fantastic, but Damn might be better. Enchantress is a real deck now thanks to some fantastic reprints and new cards. Dragon’s Rage Channeler is frankly incredible in the right deck. There are even more options in Modern Horizons 2, but there just isn’t enough space.


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