In Development – Bring on the F Students

No Jace means that you don’t have to worry about the “Jace test,” but that doesn’t mean you can throw any expensive creature in your deck all willy-nilly. Alexander tells you what to consider and which creatures will be good in a post-banned world!

Feature Article – Play or Draw

The Japanese superstar talks about UB Control, how to fight Caw-Blade, and things to consider when being on the play or the draw!

Feature Article – Play or Draw (Japanese)


Author Shuhei Nakamura

Feature Article – Earthquake or Not

After the disasters in Japan, Shuhei talks about how it affected him, and breaks down the Boros deck he plans to play at Grand Prix Kobe!

Top 8 Pandemic-Era Commander Staples

Wondering what Commander staples you missed during the last year of Covid? Brian DeMars has some of the greatest hits for your next EDH deck!

Updates to the Historic Banned List

Two cards were banned in Historic, one card was added to the Suspended List, and five digital-only cards received functional errata.

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