CFB Pro Showdown | June 19, 2021 @ 9AM PT

The CFB Pro Showdown is a monthly tournament where the CFB Pro community comes together on Melee.gg, Discord, and MTG Arena to face off in friendly but fierce competition with a prize pool of $1,000 in ChannelFireball store credit on the line!

The next Showdown takes place on June 19, and starts at 9AM PT time. The event is exclusive to CFB Pro subscribers, but there’s no entry fee. All Pro members are welcome and encouraged to enter.

The tournament itself is a single-elimination event, so make sure you pick a deck that can run hot all day. The format is Standard.

The $1,000 in ChannelFireball store credit will go to the Top 8, and the winner will go on to face off against the Endboss! If they defeat them, they’ll double their prize. We’ll be covering the Top 8 players live at twitch.tv/ChannelFireball.

If you’re not already a CFB Pro subscriber, sign up now so you can read the exclusive articles, enjoy the benefits, and play in CFB Pro Showdown events. If you are a CFB Pro member, sign up here for free once we announce the date!

Event Details:

  • Single Elimination, best-of-3
  • 60 minute round timer
  • All players will be required to check-in for the event 30 minutes prior to start or will be dropped. Check in via your Melee.gg player controller.
  • Decklists must be submitted via Melee.gg no later than 10 minutes prior to the start of the event. All decklists will be public once the event begins.
  • Participants must join the ChannelFireball Discord Server, as pairings and event announcements will be made in the #pro-showdown channel. Pairings will be announced in the Discord server and can be found in your Melee.gg player controller.
  • All matches will be played using direct challenge tournament mode. A tutorial on how to use direct challenge mode is available here. Players will have 5 minutes after pairing to begin their match. Players who have not begun after 5 minutes and do not respond to admin staff inquires will be dropped.
  • It is the winner’s responsibility to submit results for the match. Results will be submitted in the Melee.gg player controller.
  • Players wishing to Drop can also do that using the Melee.gg player controller.
  • At the end of the round timer, any players that have not submitted results and do not respond to admins within 3 minutes will be considered a double loss.
  • 1st: $300 ChannelFireball Store Credit
  • 2nd: $200 ChannelFireball Store Credit
  • 3rd-4th: $100 ChannelFireball Store Credit
  • 5th-8th: $75 ChannelFireball Store Credit
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