Your Questions, Answered! Reid Duke’s AMA Results!

Recently, I did a month-long AMA for all our CFB Pro subscribers on the CFB Pro Discord. We’re currently running another month-long AMA for our very own Frank Karsten, so now’s the perfect time to subscribe to Pro and ask Frank anything! For now, here are all the questions I was asked, and my answers, to satisfy your curiosity.



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2 thoughts on “Your Questions, Answered! Reid Duke’s AMA Results!”

  1. I was at GP miami! I still have the playmat from the event and use it to this day. That deck inspired a life-long love for the midrange archetype for me lol.

  2. my buddy played UWR flash and I played gruul aggro with BTE and boros reckoner. My buddies and I still have fond memories of that iconic standard format.

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