You Should Play Standard Mono-Blue Tempo: MTG Deck Guide

There are three big reasons why you should give this Mono-Blue Standard deck a try:

  • This deck is super budget-friendly and has the best cost-to-performance ratio in terms of wild cards invested that I’ve seen on MTG Arena in a very long time. There are a total of nine rares in the deck and the one copy of Otawara, Soaring City is by no means necessary. Similarly, on Magic Online, you can get all the cards for less than five tickets. Despite the very low investment, this deck performs really well in the current metagame. If you’re looking for a good deck without spending too much, look no further! 
  • Standard currently seems like a midrangefest full of slow decks filled with tapped lands and a mana curve starting on two or three mana. Most of those decks are currently trying to one-up each other with expensive cards like Invoke Despair or Farewell, making cheap counters like Spell Pierce and Make Disappear very effective.
  • I’m honestly a bit tired of this format full of three-mana cards that snowball out of control like Fable of the Mirror-Breaker, Wedding Announcement or Raffine, Scheming Seer. It sometimes gives me a hopeless feeling that the biggest edge I can get in this format is simply by winning the die roll and playing my busted three-drop first. I love decks that are a bit different, possibly flying under the radar, that can still challenge the top decks and get some percentage points due to the fact that opponents aren’t usually very well prepared for what I’m doing. This deck does exactly that. 



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