You Need to Mulligan More in ONE Limited MTG

Today, I had a fairly difficult draft in Phyrexia: All Will Be One. After waffling around a fair bit, a Pack 2, Pick 3 Migloz, Maze Crusher pushed me towards RG which is where I ultimately landed. With a messy draft in such a synergistic format, I was nervous if I would cobble together a string of wins, but after eight games I found myself at 6-2 and playing for the trophy. In my final game, I was on the draw and given the following hand:

Forest, Forest, Mountain, Free from Flesh, Migloz, Maze Crusher, Bladegraft Aspirant, and Lattice-Blade Mantis

Migloz is a powerhouse. It’s literally the best card in the entire set according to 17lands.com game-in-hand-win rate. With both colors of mana, the best card in the set and a mix of lands and spells, this hand should be a snap keep. But in ONE Limited, this is unfortunately a mulligan.

For reference, moments later


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