Wrenn and Seven Ramp for Standard – Deep Dive

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Standard is shaping up to be an interesting format. A large number of strategies and color combinations are proving to be competitive, and there’s plenty of room for customization within each one. That said, there are certainly a handful of core strategies which players should always expect to face, and which help create a foundation for the format. A few that come to mind would be beating down with Werewolf Pack Leader, popping off with Alrund’s Epiphany or loading up on permission spells and Memory Deluge. There’s also the one which I’ll be going deep on today: ramping to Wrenn and Seven.


Even if it fails at all of its other goals, this Deep Dive will be a compendium of Wrenn and Seven content which you can find on ChannelFireball.com and elsewhere on the internet. Hopefully that in itself is helpful! But I also intend to go further, by giving my own experiences, my critique on each deck list and giving you some useful knowledge that you can apply to any Wrenn and Seven deck list you might choose. 



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