Who Needs Lurrus? Modern Bloodbraid Jund – Deep Dive

Modern has changed a lot over the years, and yet Jund has always remained a competitive archetype. The reason is its flexibility – the ability to adapt to any problem or matchup – as well as the simplicity of its game plan – dismantle the opponent, and win with the most efficient single threats available in Modern. As always, Jund is a deck that will reward you for your practice, study and knowledge of the format. 

Modern Horizons 2 has revolutionized the format, to the point that the cards and decks played today have little resemblance to the ones that were around when Jund was on top of the format. That said, strategies centered around discard spells and cheap removal in black and red are as good as they’ve ever been. 

There’s an almost infinite amount of room to customize within the R/B/x attrition archetype. The most popular and successful ones typically use Lurrus of the Dream-Den as a companion. A great example is Jund Sagavan, which my teammate Andrea Mengucci has covered in a Deep Dive here:



Lurrus of the Dream-Den

I’m not here to argue against the power of Lurrus, nor to tell you to trade in your companion for some Lilianas of the Veil and Bloodbraid Elves. In fact, it’s somewhat likely that I’ll be turning to Lurrus myself for the upcoming MTG Vegas Modern event. That said, I do believe that traditional “Boomer” Jund still has a lot to offer and can put up solid results. Personally, I’ve had quite solid results playing Bloodbraid Jund on Magic Online over the past couple of months.

So for folks interested in playing traditional Jund for fun, for card availability reasons, or for any other motivation, I figured it was worthwhile to keep this Deep Dive up to date with the most accurate and competitive content. What follows will be my comprehensive Deck Guide for Modern Bloodbraid Elf Jund. I’ll offer a recommended deck list, and I’ll also give you the tools to tailor the deck to your personal preferences, as well as adapt to a fast-moving format.



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