What’s the Play? – Ox of Agonas, Storm and More

As someone who loves all kinds of puzzles, I always like trying to solve various “What’s the Play?” scenarios or screenshots from interesting situations that get shared online. 

A recent brilliant play from Arne Huschenbeth in the Top 8 of the Kaldheim Championship reminded me that I’ve been saving some of these screenshots and situations and today, I want to share them with you to test your Magic skills, rules knowledge and see how you do. Can you get all of them right? 


Header - Situation 1: Ox of Agonas

This play requires very creative thinking and advanced understanding of the rules to even get the right idea of what to do here. We’re looking at an extremely tight game where Arne is on three  life and Javier has Ox of Agonas on the stack, which if it resolves, draws Javier new three cards. There’s a Cling to Dust in Arne’s graveyard, but even if he counters the Ox, Javier will get priority first because it’s his turn and he’ll be able to escape the Ox from the graveyard before Arne has a chance to exile it with Cling. Does Arne have any way to get out of this difficult situation?


Ox of AgonasCling to Dust


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